Giving Thanks for Humor

To steal or not to steal - Jones Natural Chews - Giving thanks for humor

Giving Thanks for Humor is a gently recycled post. I’m always thankful for humor. Aren’t you? Giving Thanks for Humor Today, Thanksgiving Eve, I’m giving thanks for humor and photos and Jones chews. Not necessarily in that order. It’s also Wordless Wednesday. Woohoo! Here’s a glimpse of a couple of dogs that I’ll be featuring … Read moreGiving Thanks for Humor

Things Not to Do With Your Dog

An all natural little dog

Things Not to Do With Your Dog Things Not to Do With Your Dog is a gently recycled post. Next week I’ll have photos of beautiful dogs which are visiting this week. That’s not to say my photos will do them justice … Today’s list of things not to do with your dog is brought … Read moreThings Not to Do With Your Dog

Trick or Treat Training to Win Treats

Jimmy in a Bow Tie

Trick or treat training to win treats – what a mouthful! But that’s what we’re doing today. Giving each of you an opportunity to learn a trick and win a treat for your dog! Jodi, of Kol’s Notes, and Jessica, of Beagles and Bargains, are hosting the Trick or Treat blog hop to make this … Read moreTrick or Treat Training to Win Treats

Why Ducklings?

Chemo treatment makes me sleep JUST LIKE THIS

Every year at BlogPaws I’m asked the same question about a million times – Why do you have *insert type of baby fowl here* at BlogPaws, in a Jones Natural Chews dog treat booth? This year it was Why Ducklings? Allow me to show and tell. If you’ve been here long, you probably already know. 😉 … Read moreWhy Ducklings?

Ducklings at BlogPaws

Kona dog and the Blog Paws duckling - Back to back conferences

I’m home from a wild adventure! I met plenty of new people and dogs, as well as other pets, at BlogPaws in Nashville. And this year the Jones Natural Chews booth made lots of new friends. We had ducklings. Who doesn’t love ducklings?! So yes, there were ducklings at BlogPaws. We got the same question … Read moreDucklings at BlogPaws

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