Giving Birth, FBM 213

Baby Chewy well before his Gotcha Day, helping celebrate Frankie's birthday

Giving Birth Y’all, whether we like it or not, spring has come early to much of the nation. Giving birth is a natural thing this time of year. Birds are building nests outside my front door. The hens have begun laying again, Roadkill is all over the place (critters don’t look both ways during mating … Read more

Unicycle, Tattoos, Nipple Ring – Oh MY!

A sick hen in the bathroom

I Wanted a Unicycle Today’s unicycle post is gently recycled and … odd. Read on and see. Stay tuned at the end for the giveaway. My middle child will be 19 at the end of the month. He’s the kind of boy who likes to master odd things. He’s in a pre-engineering program at the … Read more

How Cancer Effects My Dogs

How cancer effects my dogs

How Cancer Effects My Dogs When I began this cancer journey back in January, how cancer effects my dogs was one of my biggest concerns. I have four beauties of different ages, and honestly, my strongest worry was Flash and Patches. They turned 14 years old in March, which is the high end of the … Read more

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