New Year, More Coffee

What do you mean we're out of coffee?!

New Year, More Coffee It’s a new year! Everyone is talking about how bad last year was, and yeah, horrid things happened to some people. Horrid things happen to people every year. Shoot, I had cancer and was treated all year long, but it was still a great year for me. Stop your whining. Brew … Read moreNew Year, More Coffee

Do Dogs Drink Coffee? FBM 185

Do Dogs Drink Coffee?

Do Dogs Drink Coffee? I found myself asking, do dogs drink coffee? as I was drinking coffee from one of my favorite mugs. I would never share my own coffee with my dogs. Every drop is precious liquid gold, fuel for my day. So my own dogs will never know the lovely warmth and vigor … Read moreDo Dogs Drink Coffee? FBM 185

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