Duck? Dog? You Decide, FBM 207

Kona dog and the Blog Paws duckling - Back to back conferences

Duck? Dog? You Decide Yesterday Gadget pooped in the house. It’s the duck’s fault. We have an ongoing battle between duck and dog here, and often the duck wins. So you can see why our first Funny Bone Monday video appealed to me. I need one of these for Gadget. First, because he bites when … Read moreDuck? Dog? You Decide, FBM 207

BarkWorld – My First Conference

Happy Funny Bone Monday! Dogs wearing Halloween costumes videos today!

BarkWorld – My First Conference BarkWorld was my first conference for dogs. It’s happening again this week, still in Atlanta, and today’s is a gently recycled post. I’ve learned a lot about dogs and conferences since this one. And I’m missing the conference this year. Karen Dibert, of the French Dog Etsy shop, will be … Read moreBarkWorld – My First Conference

Giveaway Resumes Next Week

Dog Jokes and dog personalities

Giveaway Resumes Next Week I know, I know … postponing a giveaway is no fun. But today is a chemo day. Which means that every giveaway Tuesday will be a chemo day until Christmas. So delaying it a week means I’ll be of sound mind for giveaways. Y’all all okay with that? I think it … Read moreGiveaway Resumes Next Week

Do Dogs Help with Depression?

Do dogs help with depression?

Do Dogs Help With Depression? Some of you are yelling at your computer or phone screen, “Yes dogs help with depression! Are you a moron? A million, gajillion studies have been done!” Calm yourself. Unbunch those panties. This question is different, more personal. I know that dogs help with depression. Having a dog as a … Read moreDo Dogs Help with Depression?

BlogPaws and More

Cute Corgi at BlogPaws in Virginia, 2013

BlogPaws Past Today’s BlogPaws post is a rerun from my very first BlogPaws, since I’m still healing from surgery a month ago, and this year’s BlogPaws is next week. Some days are better than others, but my focus factor is still off. I’ll post an update at the bottom. We’re playing catch up today. We’ll … Read moreBlogPaws and More

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