Westminster Agility, FBM 212

Westminster at the Piers - Westminster agility

Westminster Agility The road to Westminster is a long one. A tough road for both dog and handler. Westminster agility adds another layer of work. Well worth the work, though, for both. This morning a friend sent me a clip from the agility portion which happened this weekend, so I went hunting for the dog … Read moreWestminster Agility, FBM 212

Labor Day Dogs, FBM 190

Tiny Aussie, working dog for Labor Day

Labor Day Happy Labor Day, and happy Funny Bone Monday! Today we take a peek at some hard working dogs. Dogs actually play quite a few roles in the working community, and we’ll look at some of them today. It’s Labor Day here in the states, after all. So while you’re waiting on the grill … Read moreLabor Day Dogs, FBM 190

Birthday Dog Videos, FBM 151

Modeled after her own little Shih Tzu, this Christmas ornament is reasonably priced.

Happy Funny Bone Monday! Today is my mom’s birthday, and you only turn 70 once, so we’re going to be watching birthday dog videos, as well as taking a peek at some of my mom’s work. Let’s start with some funny birthday dogs, shall we? You guys! I want to do this for Chewy! And … Read moreBirthday Dog Videos, FBM 151

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