Papillon, Breed of the Week

Sweet Papillon

Papillon, Breed of the Week Today’s Papillon, Breed of the Week, is obviously gently recycled. We’ve had Chewy, the clownish lap dog, for nearly three years, so I wrote this just before we found him. We’ve had Gadget, the tubby, clingy lapdog, nearly two years. Hunny absolutely adores his lapdogs, and he’d probably love to … Read more

Happy National Dog Day

Rocky the Jones mascot as artist

National Dog Day Did you know that it’s National Dog Day? You do now! And like an episode of your favorite TV show, when the writers have run out of ideas and/or money, we’re going to have flashbacks to some of our favorite dogs. We’ll start with the cutest one – my Chewy. I seriously … Read more

Jones All Natural Tender Taffy – Love It? LOVE IT!

Pug agrees that I should come over every day and give her Chicken Taffy

Tender Taffy Soft Chicken Blend We’re talking about Jones Natural Chews Tender Taffy Soft Chicken Blend on Tasty Tuesday! I love Tasty Tuesday. I get to talk about Jones chews and only Jones chews. Today I want to focus on Jones all natural Chicken Taffy. Today is also an older post, but with a giveaway and update … Read more

5 Habits of Successful Dogs

Dog dietary issues aren't lost on Patches

Today we discuss the 5 habits of successful dogs. What is a successful dog? you ask. We’re going to compare and contrast to successful people and see how it plays out. Maybe we’ll both understand successful dogs when we’re done. Right up front, though, a successful dog is one which wins the Jones Natural Chews … Read more

How to Use Dogs to Stand Out

Purple Poodle

Today is the last day of the Bow Wow Boo Bucket giveaway! Enter now! Or don’t enter now. Wait till you’re done reading this post. Then enter. Or enter now! How to use dogs to stand out I get this question all the time from people – How do I most effectively use my dog … Read more

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