Center Bones for Dogs, Giveaway

The Simple Things Matter

Center Bones for Dogs Today is Tasty Tuesday, and we’ll be discussing center bones for dogs, as well as hosting a giveaway. Jones Natural Chews has a nice variety of center bones for dogs, so I thought I’d end there. Let’s talk about the center bone in general first, shall we? The 4″ Natural Center … Read more

A Craigslist Cautionary Tale

Handsome boy, but a Craigslist dog

A Craigslist Cautionary Tale I recently heard a Craigslist cautionary tale. I just hope I do this story justice. I’d like to tell you about a dog who didn’t care for Jones Natural Chews pig ears as much as his siblings. In fact, his little sister ate his. Little Drake, a black lab, was a … Read more

Christmas! It’s a-Coming!

A snowy pumpkin on the porch - first day of fall

Christmas! It’s a-coming! Today’s post is gently recycled. I’m thinking of bringing back the Q&A segment. Yes? No? Are y’all excited about Christmas?! I’m not usually, but this year I am! Today is Follow Up Friday, a blog hop run by Jodi, at Heart Like a Dog. I answer some of the questions asked in … Read more

Knee Caps – Easy to Bust?

Hmm. This Knee Cap smells yummy.

Knee Caps – Easy To Bust? You’d think I’d get tired of writing Knee Cap posts. This blog is littered with them. But there are reasons they keep recurring. I spoke quite a bit about them last Tuesday, and today’s gently recycled post tells a little more of the story. I just love Jones Natural … Read more

3 Things I’m Grateful For

Almost ours

3 Things I’m Grateful For Omigoodness – yes, this is a gently recycled post, but when I look at last year and this year, I’m blown away. Three things I’m grateful for this year look similar, but vastly different. This year I’m grateful to be alive. I’m joining the grateful bandwagon. I’m not a joiner, … Read more

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