Dogs in Costumes, FBM 146

Senior Aussie mixes wait for a Jones Natural Chew

Happy Funny Bone Monday! If you haven’t already, tap here to open another window to enter our Twister beef bully stick giveaway, then here to open another window to see all of the current Jones Natural Chews giveaways in progress. Your dog will thank you. Naturally. So are you dressing your dog for Halloween this … Read moreDogs in Costumes, FBM 146

Road Trip Dogs

Pudgy the costumed Bulldog

Today is solely photos. The road trip dogs! I met so many while out and about for two weeks, all beauties! And I don’t remember all of their names, but I’d like to introduce them to you anyway. 🙂 And I shall stop here. Be prepared for more road trip dog photos tomorrow! Large dogs, … Read moreRoad Trip Dogs

Wednesday in Pictures

Sleepy Affen mix

I drove eight hours yesterday. It was a beautiful, uneventful drive. Except for the first little bit. That’s a sad story. It started like this: Don’t Chewy and I look happy? I took him into the bathroom with me at the welcome center. A male security guard opened the door to the women’s washroom as … Read moreWednesday in Pictures

Road Trip!

Affenpinscher mutt

Forgive me, but I’m prepping for a major road trip, so I’m a little scattered. And nervous. This is Chewy’s first big road trip, and it’s a lot of driving, which I love. It’s also two weeks. Let me lay out the itinerary? Let me also say, my mom and her wee Honey Shih Tzu … Read moreRoad Trip!

Wordless Wednesday – NOT

Scruffy Affenpinscher

Blog Paws hosts a Wordless Wednesday blog hop each week. This week I’m really playing along. I want to tell y’all all about the Blog Paws conference, but I haven’t recovered from it yet, and haven’t read through my notes. There were some great advanced classes, and plenty of wonderful people and critters. Including the … Read moreWordless Wednesday – NOT

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