Where Treats Come From

Dino Bones come from real cows - where treats come from

Where Treats Come From I visited the Jones Natural Chews headquarters last week and the owner took me to see where treats come from. Prepare yourselves. This month we’ve talked about the Pumpers, which are pig hearts, and the Dino Bones, which are cow leg bones. This post is gently recycled, but oh! I had … Read moreWhere Treats Come From

Boone County Fair, Belvidere, IL

Boone County fair and cows

Road trips rock. Road trips ending in a good friend destination rock even more. This one took me many places, including the Jones Natural Chews HQ, but first was the Boone County fair in Belvidere, IL. I had a couple of friends along for the ride, my road trip models, and they enjoyed the Boone County fair … Read moreBoone County Fair, Belvidere, IL

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