BlogPaws Coffee 2017

BlogPaws Coffee 2017 It’s Wordless Wednesday and I’m at BlogPaws, the official home of Wordless Wednesday! I’ve had my BlogPaws coffee 2017. What does that mean, you ask? It means that I sat at the cafe this morning, here in the Sheraton Convention Center in Myrtle Beach, SC. And said hello to some of the … Read moreBlogPaws Coffee 2017

The Dog Equivalent of Coffee

Never underestimate the warmth of a cold nose

The Dog Equivalent of Coffee I don’t start in the mornings without coffee. In fact, I used the last of the coffee yesterday. That’s right, folks – I’m blogging without caffeine. Which got me thinking – what’s the dog equivalent of coffee? Bear with me. Thinking is a little difficult this morning. No coffee and … Read moreThe Dog Equivalent of Coffee

New Year, More Coffee

What do you mean we're out of coffee?!

New Year, More Coffee It’s a new year! Everyone is talking about how bad last year was, and yeah, horrid things happened to some people. Horrid things happen to people every year. Shoot, I had cancer and was treated all year long, but it was still a great year for me. Stop your whining. Brew … Read moreNew Year, More Coffee

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