5 Dog Treats in the Stocking – Fa La La!

Merry Christmas!

5 Dog Treats in the Stocking There are 5 dog treats in the Jones Natural Chews Canine Christmas Cruncher stocking. As far as dogs are concerned, they’re better than 5 golden rings. I think so, too! Today we’re going to take a look at the 5 dog treats in the stocking. First, a couple of … Read more

Best Christmas Stocking for Dogs, Giveaway!

Don't you touch my Pig Ear from Jones Natural Chews

Best Christmas Stocking for Dogs It’s a giveaway Tuesday, and today it’s the very best Christmas stocking for dogs! Have you seen the Canine Christmas Crunchers? Does a store near you carry this marvelous bag o’treats? What’s in a Canine Christmas Crunchers? The Canine Christmas Crunchers is the ideal Christmas stocking for small to medium … Read more

8 Sleeps ‘Til Christmas

Happy birthday to my senior dog!

RABBIT ENTREE’ JERKY GIVEAWAY – CLICK THIS SENTENCE TO GET TO ENTRY POST! There are only 8 sleeps ’til Christmas. Eight sleeps ’til Christmas! I’M SO EXCITED! Are you? Is your dog? My own dogs have no clue, but they’re a little perturbed that the living room has changed. They all want to wish you … Read more

Do You Christmas Shop for Your Dog?

That Pig Ear you mentioned ... Life saving dogs on Funny Bone Monday

Christmas Shop For Your Dog Do you Christmas shop for your dog? I’ve never been one to Christmas shop for the dogs. They hate hats. They don’t like to wear clothes. The little dogs sleep on top of me, so they don’t need beds, and the big dogs refuse to sleep on beds. Chewy is … Read more

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