Flea-isms – Dogs Need to Apply

Flea-isms - dogs need to apply

Flea-isms – Dogs Need to Apply I’ve been on a Flea-ism kick lately, but dogs need to apply. Actually, I only have two Flea-isms. I’ll show you in a second. But I’d like to build a small library of Flea-isms. I need ones for dogs, right? See, so dogs need to apply. Take a look … Read more

Lap Dogs Need Not Apply

Dog grooming http://dogtreatweb.com

Lap Dogs Need Not Apply Lap dogs need not apply. My lap is full. See? But do you ever get sucked into Craigslist, PetFinder or your local shelter web page and find yourself wanting every dog you see? *sigh* I do. I have to stay away from those sites. Or the Facebook pages I follow … Read more

Turkey Day Plus One

Let's talk turkey this month for Turkey Day

Turkey Day Plus One Yesterday was Turkey Day, so today is Turkey Day plus one, yes? Did your dog get turkey with the rest of the family? Did your dog get Jones Natural Chews? My dogs got both. They’ll tell you they preferred the Jones treats, though. Did you get enough turkey? I don’t think … Read more

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