Follow Up on Cancer

Moving Your Dog - Jones Natural Chews

Follow Up on Cancer It’s been awhile since I’ve done a follow up on cancer (I just scrolled through the archives, so it’s true). Some of you may be thinking, “But aren’t you done with all that cancer stuff?” I wish. In my head, yes I am. Chemo is two months gone and done, so … Read moreFollow Up on Cancer

Flea-isms – Dogs Need to Apply

Flea-isms - dogs need to apply

Flea-isms – Dogs Need to Apply I’ve been on a Flea-ism kick lately, but dogs need to apply. Actually, I only have two Flea-isms. I’ll show you in a second. But I’d like to build a small library of Flea-isms. I need ones for dogs, right? See, so dogs need to apply. Take a look … Read moreFlea-isms – Dogs Need to Apply

Treatment Nine in the Books!

Sit! Stay! Eat this Windee Ring from Jones Natural Chews!

Treatment Nine is Done! Woohoo! Treatment nine is over! Only three left! Only, I’m not as excited about all of this as I used to be. But this is not a whine-fest. Let’s look at the positives, yes? I’m three quarters through chemo This is my second chemo, and hopefully the last of all treatments, … Read moreTreatment Nine in the Books!

Unscheduled Oncology Visit

Beefy Straight Crown Outtakes

Unscheduled Oncology Visit I’ve decided to stop apologizing for my cancer updates here. I had an unscheduled oncology visit yesterday and want to tell you about it. Not because I need to share details with the world, fulfilling some kind of morbid hole in me, but because I’ve been blogging for Jones Natural Chews for … Read moreUnscheduled Oncology Visit

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