Brussels Griffon, Breed of the Week

Adorable dog, Brussels Griffon

Brussels Griffon, Breed of the Week I heard a sentence from my Hunny’s mouth which I never expected to hear. Brace yourselves. He said, “I think I’m of an age where I’d like a lap dog.” (Shh! A Brussels Griffon might be just the thing.) It took me a minute to pick my jaw up … Read moreBrussels Griffon, Breed of the Week

Dog Grooming in Spring

Dog grooming

Dog Grooming Dog grooming is a specialized skill. You may not agree, but roll with me here. Grooming a dog properly takes time and energy. Larger dogs are a handful just to get wet and soapy, then rinse (which is why we use Chubbs bars). There’s nail trimming, ear cleaning, fur trimming (if it’s the … Read moreDog Grooming in Spring

How to Get More Treats

Adorable dog, Brussels Griffon

HAVE YOU ENTERED THE GIVEAWAY FOR THE BOW WOW BOO BUCKET? IT’S NOT TOO LATE! DO IT NOW! I use a blog title template to come up with ideas, sometimes. You know, ideas for intelligent, well-informed blog posts. Things like How to Get More Treats. Today’s is not so intelligent. We’re talking to dogs about … Read moreHow to Get More Treats

Gadget Has Settled In

A natural Mohawk on a dog

The dog has declared this house, this people, all the Jones Natural Chews, as his own. Gadget has settled in. This little dog, who was found on the side of the highway near Atlanta, made the trip all over the south to get to Tulsa, lived with my mom and her Honey, endured surgery for … Read moreGadget Has Settled In

Blue Friday

Blue duck - what do ducks do without feet?

IF YOU HAVEN’T ENTERED THE GIVEAWAY, DO IT NOW! I’ve dubbed today Blue Friday. Allow me to set the stage. Yesterday I took the wee dogs to be groomed. We bathe them at home, and they don’t need all-over haircuts, but little dogs are different from big dogs in that they need their anal glands … Read moreBlue Friday

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