Boxer, Breed of the Week

Boxer, Breed of the Week at Jones Natural Chews

Boxer, Breed of the Week The Boxer is known as The well-conditioned middleweight athlete of dogdom Isn’t that a cool description? The Boxer is a gorgeous dog – strong, intelligent, alert. They’re known to guard their people well, and they LOVE being loved and slobbered on. Okay, maybe not slobbered on. But the Boxer is … Read more

3 Signs You Might Love Boxers

The best dogs deserve the best treats

DON’T WAIT! ACT NOW! ENTER THE BOW WOW BOO BUCKET TREAT GIVEAWAY! Happy Wordless Wednesday! Today we visualize 3 signs you might love Boxers. The dogs, not the pugilists. Hmm. I wonder if the Pug dog derives its name from pugilist? That face looks like it might have taken one too many punches. But let’s … Read more

Boxer Breed

Baran the Boxer is enjoying an all natural Top Crest bone from Jones Natural Chews

IF YOU HAVEN’T ENTERED THE GIVEAWAY, DO IT NOW! (opens in a new tab) Today we revisit the Boxer as our breed of the week. Yes, it’s a re-run, but I’m slowly falling in love with the Boxer as a breed and needed a refresher on what they’re all about. I meet people who have … Read more

Wordless Wednesday

Brussels Griffon

Yes, I’m taking a brief break from Breed of the Week and participating in Wordless Wednesday. It’s a breed day, don’t get me wrong. I’d like it to be a photo day (out late, having my picture taken with Weird Al), just reviewing past breeds we’ve seen here. I was able to treat most of … Read more

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