Do Cats Like Dog Treats?

Chewy the Affen

Maybe you don’t all know this, but dogs LOVE cat treats. First, dogs will eat nearly anything. ANYTHING. Mine eat duck and chicken poop, for Pete’s sake. But do cat’s like dog treats? Cats, the finicky eaters of legend: Shoot, most cats barely eat their own food, much less dog treats. Our own Bosco, for … Read moreDo Cats Like Dog Treats?

Which is the Right Dog For You?

French Bulldog

We’re making noises about our next dog, since Flash and Patches are nearly 12. We’re not wishing them dead, just knowing that older dogs do a better job of training younger dogs in some ways. And younger dogs bring new life to older dogs, giving them more time with us, happier time here. Generally. But … Read moreWhich is the Right Dog For You?

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