H is for Handsome, A to Z Challenge

Blue Heeler mix with a JNC knee cap

H is for handsome. If you’re coming by for the A to Z Challenge, welcome! Today we’ll be saying hello to Kato, a Blue Heeler/Lab mix. Who remembers wee puppy Kato from last year? I visited with Kato and his mom last week, bringing him a Knee Cap and a box of Snapz Beef Liver … Read moreH is for Handsome, A to Z Challenge

B is for Breeds

You can't replace a pet - kiss your dog

IF YOU HAVEN’T ENTERED THE TREAT GIVEAWAY, GO DO IT NOW! Opens in a separate window. A big thanks to Jackie, at Pooch Smooches, for today’s A to Z Blogging Challenge idea. The hope, with this challenge, is to find new blogs, and new readers, so introducing you to the concept of what happens here … Read moreB is for Breeds

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