How To Get a Sponsor

How do you get a sponsor for a conference?

How To Get a Sponsor Today’s post, How To Get a Sponsor, is gently recycled. Jones Natural Chews is sending me to learn and network at BlogHer, a blogging conference for women, in a couple of weeks. Yesterday we talked about back to back conferences. They’re expensive, between tickets, hotel, travel and food, and it … Read moreHow To Get a Sponsor

Wish You Were Here

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina - wish you were here!

Wish You Were Here Seriously. I wish you were here. I’m representing Jones Natural Chews from sunny Myrtle Beach in South Carolina. I so very much wish you were here at BlogPaws. All of you. But since you aren’t we’re going to pretend it’s Wednesday again and go with photos. Two reasons – I’m already … Read moreWish You Were Here

Missing BlogPaws

Charlie wouldn't give me the secret recipe

Missing BlogPaws Most of you know my situation, that I was diagnosed, this January, with stage three rectal cancer. I’ve missed out on a lot this year in the way of dog events. Missing BlogPaws may be the most difficult of all of the events. It’s occurring right now, and, not to be dramatic or … Read moreMissing BlogPaws

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