Hoof – Best Dog Chew EVER

Jones Hooves

Hoof – Best Dog Chew EVER Today we revisit the most popular post of 2013. Heavens to mergatroid – the stinky cow toenail was the best post? Dogs know best, though, and they LOVE the Hoof! I kid you not. The Hoof is the best dog chew ever. EVER. It’s a renowned dog favorite. Have you been … Read moreHoof – Best Dog Chew EVER

All God’s Puppies Said Amen!

Ruby's eyes say "Give me my Jones Natural Chews!"

Jones Natural Chews is giving away the perfect gnawing bone for puppies, and all God’s puppies said amen! Take a look at Ruby with her all natural, 100% cow Knee Cap. Ruby, at eight months old, seems to be at least part German Shepherd. She has powerful jaws. In the half hour or so I’d … Read moreAll God’s Puppies Said Amen!

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