Farm Dogs Love Jones

Great Pyr with a bone from Jones Natural Chews - National Dog Day

Farm Dogs Love Jones Natural Chews Farm dogs love Jones Natural Chews. It’s a proven fact. And they get a little touchy when you forget the Jones. I took my first road trip in months this weekend. It was only an hour and a half away, but we visited our homesteading friends and I brought … Read moreFarm Dogs Love Jones

Never Forget the Treats

I can't believe it either, Belle.

Hunny and I spent Saturday on a homestead, one of our favorite places to be. And I forgot the Jones Natural Chews. Never forget the treats. Today is Wordless Wednesday. I’m going to show y’all what it looks like when you forget the treats. My homesteading friends have at least seven dogs – three are … Read moreNever Forget the Treats

What a Homesteading Dog Really Looks Like

Homesteading dogs are suspicious of strangers bearing bones

Homesteading and farming are similar, but different. Friends of mine are homesteaders, which is like farmers on steroids, and have a whole slew of dogs. I thought today I’d show y’all what a homesteading dog really looks like. Homesteading Dog and Livestock My homesteading friends have about a million dogs. Okay, they probably have seven … Read moreWhat a Homesteading Dog Really Looks Like

The L Bone from Jones Natural Chews

A Dane with a bone

Did you know that it’s impossible to lick your elbow? How many of you just tried licking your elbow? I wish I could have seen that. One of this month’s treats is the L Bone from Jones Natural Chews. Its all natural goodness is appreciated by dogs everywhere. Dogs love to lick their L Bones. … Read moreThe L Bone from Jones Natural Chews

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