Where Treats Come From

Dino Bones come from real cows - where treats come from

Where Treats Come From I visited the Jones Natural Chews headquarters last week and the owner took me to see where treats come from. Prepare yourselves. This month we’ve talked about the Pumpers, which are pig hearts, and the Dino Bones, which are cow leg bones. This post is gently recycled, but oh! I had … Read more

Flea-isms – Dogs Need to Apply

Flea-isms - dogs need to apply

Flea-isms – Dogs Need to Apply I’ve been on a Flea-ism kick lately, but dogs need to apply. Actually, I only have two Flea-isms. I’ll show you in a second. But I’d like to build a small library of Flea-isms. I need ones for dogs, right? See, so dogs need to apply. Take a look … Read more

Knee Cap Montage

Tansy the puppy and her Knee Cap from Jones Natural Chews - the perfect treat for puppies

Knee Cap Montage I’ll bet you’ve never seen a Knee Cap montage before. You’re probably muttering to your computer that you’ve never wanted to see a Knee Cap montage. Come on, now. Don’t be like that. There’s a reason for this. Really. Really really. The Knee Cap from Jones Natural Chews is one of my … Read more

Dog Loses It, FBM 199

Independence Day dog - dog loses it

Dog Loses It Happy Funny Bone Monday, y’all! Our first funny video today, the dog loses it when he hears his favorite store’s name. Does your dog have a happy place that, just the mention of its name causes your dog to go nuts? Do you take your dog there often? My dogs lose it … Read more

Evolution of Treat Face

But I wanted those treats ... treat face

Evolution of Treat Face Does your dog give you treat face? I may not be traveling to take dog photos lately, but, fortunately for me, I have a lot of photos stuck in folders. I’ve given about a bazillion dogs Jones Natural Chews in four years. I get some unusual beggars, as well as shy … Read more

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