Spring Fling Giveaway from Jones

Spring Fling from Jones - dogs know the difference

Spring Fling Giveaway from Jones Y’all, I’m leaving Atlanta in a few minutes to drive to Myrtle Beach, so I’m cheating and recycling. But I’d probably write this exact same post all over again. Because it’s still SPRING! What better time for the Spring Fling giveaway than now?!? And everything you need to know about this … Read moreSpring Fling Giveaway from Jones

Friday Funny Flea-ism

Dog Jokes and dog personalities www.DogTreatWeb.com

Friday Funny Flea-ism This writing Flea-isms is tougher than I thought. So I’m hoping that Friday Funny Flea-isms becomes a thing. Last night, falling asleep, today’s Friday Funny jumped into my brain. Believe it or not, I don’t think about Jones Natural Chews 24/7. More like half my waking hours. I truly do love and … Read moreFriday Funny Flea-ism

Pork Heart Dog Valentine

Jones Natural Chews Pumper - a Pork Heart Dog Valentine

Pork Heart Dog Valentine Wednesday It’s a BlogPaws Wordless Wednesday (where we’re never wordless), and because we’re hosting a Jones Natural Chews Pumpers giveaway right now, it’s a Pork Heart Dog Valentine Wednesday! Is your dog your Valentine? Mine sure is. Little Gadget has captured my heart. And because he has, he also captures plenty … Read morePork Heart Dog Valentine

Valentine Dog Treats, Giveaway

Valentine Dog Treats Jones Natural Chews has Valentine dog treats. How cool is that? And today we’re hosting a giveaway for one lucky dog! Take a look at the adorable canister the treats come in, then I’ll tell you all about them. First, I love this canister because I can continue to store loose treats … Read moreValentine Dog Treats, Giveaway

The Perfect Winter Treat for Dogs

Braided Bully Sticks from Jones Natural Chews - "Noise cancelling treats"

The Perfect Winter Treat for Dogs If you live in a cold climate and don’t like being outside in cold weather, or have a Dachshund who gets swallowed by snow, then you’re looking for the perfect winter treat for dogs. Jones Natural Chews has just the treat for you and your dog – the Braided … Read moreThe Perfect Winter Treat for Dogs

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