One Bone to Rule Them All

Good dogs get Jones Natural Chews all natural beef lingament

One Bone to Rule Them All There really is one bone to rule them all. It’s quiet in my home this morning. I have four dogs – two 55 pound seniors and two 13 pound lap dogs. They’re all noisy creatures. But not today, thanks to the 2″ Natural Center Bone from Jones Natural Chews. … Read moreOne Bone to Rule Them All

Beefy Straight Crown Outtakes

Beefy Straight Crown Outtakes

Outtakes Every photo shoot has outtakes, yes? Mine sure do, more now than ever. So Monday, taking photos of the dogs and the Beefy Straight Crown for our giveaway (click this link to get to the giveaway), I ran into problems. The first was getting a dog into a box. Turns out boxes are more … Read moreBeefy Straight Crown Outtakes

All Natural Treat Giveaway

Rat Terrier checks out the Shank Bone

Happy Tasty Tuesday, everyone! Our all natural treat giveaway, which happens the first Tuesday of every month, features the Steer Sticks and the L Bone, both single ingredient treats from Jones Natural Chews. And we have two lovely dogs, today, who were willing to show off the chewability of these yummy treats! A couple of … Read moreAll Natural Treat Giveaway

All Natural Dino Bone

A bone! A big bone!

When I say all natural Dino Bone, do you automatically think of a real dinosaur bone, dug up and made available for your dog? Me TOO! But that’s totally not what Jones Natural Chews sells, sadly. They just sell this: I KNOW! It’s the next best thing to a real dinosaur bone! Actually, it’s better. … Read moreAll Natural Dino Bone

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