Wheezer Stick, Beef Esophagus

Waiting on a Wheezer Stick from Jones Natural Chews

Wheezer Stick, Beef Esophagus Yes! The Wheezer Stick from Jones is a beef esophagus! Why Your Dogs Will Love This Treat Jones Natural Chews‘ beef esophagus is the real deal. It’s 100% grown in the USA, a single ingredient treat, all natural. How much more all natural can a treat be? It’s just the esophagus … Read moreWheezer Stick, Beef Esophagus

Things Not to Do With Your Dog

An all natural little dog

Things Not to Do With Your Dog Things Not to Do With Your Dog is a gently recycled post. Next week I’ll have photos of beautiful dogs which are visiting this week. That’s not to say my photos will do them justice … Today’s list of things not to do with your dog is brought … Read moreThings Not to Do With Your Dog

Flea’s 8 Photos of Happiness

Jimmy doesn't like the plaid bow tie

Emma the GBGV, and Bernard of Dog and His Boy, both tagged me in the 8 Photos of Happiness, begun by Ariel’s Little Corner of the Internet. Here are the rules: 1. Thank your nominator(s) and link to their blog(s). 2. Link to the creator of the event. 3. Post your eight photos of happiness. … Read moreFlea’s 8 Photos of Happiness

Of Dogs and Flies

Aussie mix

IF YOU HAVEN’T ENTERED THE TREAT GIVEAWAY, GO DO IT NOW!!! I am TOTALLY re-running a post from last summer! The fly problem is gearing up again and my homemade fly trap, on the patio table, is already filling up quickly. So watch and learn! And show me how many flies your trap is catching! … Read moreOf Dogs and Flies

I Could Pretend …

Sleepy Affenpinscher mutt

HAVE YOU ENTERED OUR GIVEAWAY?! DO IT NOW! (opens in a new window) I could pretend that this post is mega-late because I have so many friends keeping me busy that I just couldn’t post till now. That’s partly true. Good friends come bearing gifts like this one. I sent her home with a Dino … Read moreI Could Pretend …

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