Gotcha Day for Chewy

Jones Natural Chews? You better not be lying.

Gotcha Day for Chewy Today we celebrate Gotcha Day for Chewy! By celebrate I mean that he gets a couple of extra Jones Natural Chews after his morning nap. But I thought it would be fun, this being Throwback Thursday and all, to torture, er regale you with baby pictures of my favorite little dog. … Read moreGotcha Day for Chewy

A Great Time with Dogs

Chewy and his first mom, reunited again

Sorry to miss yesterday. Traveling makes for an awkward schedule at times, but a great time! Speaking of a great time, have you entered the Chewer’s Gift Christmas treat giveaway yet? Your dog will have a great time gnawing and chewing on these treats! I’m in Duluth, Georgia, just outside of Atlanta, and am having … Read moreA Great Time with Dogs

Abandoned Chickens

Black sex link urban chicken

Abandoned chickens – are they a problem? Jones Natural Chews is concerned with animals and their welfare, and especially with the animal-human bond. We donate monthly to non-profits which help humans and their pets, like PACT for Animals, as well as to fundraisers designed to aid dogs and pets in need. But do we help … Read moreAbandoned Chickens

A Second Chance for Homeless Pets

Second Chance for Homeless Pets

IF YOU HAVEN’T ALREADY ENTERED THE GIVEAWAY, GO DO IT NOW! Recently I mentioned that Jones Natural Chews donates to several shelters and rescues on an ongoing basis. I might have pointed you to our new Donations page in the header above. But what I really need to do is to tell you more about … Read moreA Second Chance for Homeless Pets

Dog Adoption, Personally

Brussels Griffon mix

Today’s topic is personal. Yes, I’m a dog adoption mom. All three of my babies are dog adoptions. It’s been a raging success. But there’s a very personal example of a dog adoption failure, and I came *this close* to not saying anything about it. But I need your help. It’s killing me inside. It’s … Read moreDog Adoption, Personally

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