Swinging Dogs, FBM 161

Swinging Dogs, FBM 161

Swinging dogs, the Funny Bone Monday theme this week! We also announce the winner of the Jones Natural Chews Knee Cap at the end of today’s post. And why swinging dogs? Because they’re laid back, relaxed. The serene looks on their faces is both hilarious and calming. I have an oncology appointment this morning, so funny and chill is what I’m looking for. I hope you are, too, this being Monday and all.

Using the leash to swing the dog is brilliant. And yes, a couple of dogs looked stressed, but most seemed to enjoy swinging. Speaking of enjoying, here’s a little twist on the swinging dogs.

That brand new, alien baby face always gets me. *swoon*

Last, another swinging dog that’s just a little different.

Tell me that dog’s not having fun. No one made that dog swing. What fun! Our first dog, Clee-o (Australian Shepherd) loved to grab the rope swing, swing out over the lake, fall in and swim. It was her favorite thing to do.

Now for the winner of the Knee Cap from Jones Natural Chews!


Sarah M, at Mustard Seed Mommy! Congratulations, Sarah!

Y’all go swing your dogs. And give them some Jones Natural Chews. I suggest Lamb Lung Puffs (it’s my favorite today). It’ll make your dog smile. Naturally.

Spreading the good chews …


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