Surprise Treat Giveaway

Surprise Treat Giveaway

Surprise Treat Giveaway

Shh! We’re having a surprise treat giveaway! Don’t tell my boss! And here’s the fun part – I can’t tell you what the treats are! What good is a surprise treat giveaway if I ruin the surprise?

Here’s the deal – next week is the Global Pet Expo in Orlando. No, I won’t be there (it’s one of the few places in the US I truly don’t like). Every year at Global, Jones Natural Chews rolls out their newest product line, and boy howdy have we got some fun treats lined up to roll out this year! Because this hasn’t happened yet, I can’t tell you what those treats are. But I can give them away! While the boss is away, the blogger will play, eh?

Sharing the all natural treats! in a surprise treat giveaway
Rocky, the mascot for Jones Natural Chews, has a basket full of treats for some lucky dog!

So here’s what we’re going to do – we’re giving away three of our latest treats to some lucky dog. Three! And here’s what you’re going to do – you’re going to click the box at the bottom of this post, comment, then let the box know that you’ve commented. You can also visit our Facebook page and tweet about the surprise treat giveaway to earn more points, bettering your chances at winning.

Birthday Dogs

Don’t scroll down yet! We’re also having this surprise treat giveaway in honor of my senior dogs, Flash and Patches. It would be rude to ignore them just to enter. I can’t believe you were even thinking of doing that. Hmph. Seriously, though, my Aussie/German Shepherd babies are 15 years old this month. They’ve had very few health problems in life, and are slowing down now with arthritis. They’re still handsome as all get out, though. Check out their birthday attire.

Happy birthday to my senior dog!
Patches heard fiesta and thought I said siesta. She sleeps a lot these days.

Isn’t she a beauty? She still rolls in the grass in the backyard. Jimmy the duck still chases her. She still comes trotting when she hears me open the laundry room closet – that’s where I keep the Jones Natural Chews.

Debonair Dog Maintenance
Flash knows that if he leaves the hat on his head long enough for a photo, mama is going to give him treats and scratches on his rear end. Flash is brilliant.

I can hear you right now. You’re saying, those dogs aren’t wearing any clothes! Just hats! That’s not birthday attire. Well excuuuuuuse me. They’re wearing their birthday suits. So there.

The Other Giveaway

Expect, over the next two months, to see giveaways for our new treats. You’ll want them for your dog! But right now we’re giving away a plain old knuckle. Did I say plain?! Why, our knuckles are beef bones, sturdy and covered in bits of beef! They’re slow baked (moisture controlled to prevent brittleness, like all our bones) and made from American cows. Patriotic cows! I’m in a mood. Anywho, there’s nothing plain about our knuckles. Your dog is drooling right now, just thinking about one. So click this sentence, then scroll down to the bottom of the new window and enter to win! Of course, you have to enter today’s giveaway as well. Your dog would never forgive you if you didn’t. You want your dog to like you, right?

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Now go give your dog a Jones Natural Chew! Watch your dog smile.

Spreading the good chews …


21 thoughts on “Surprise Treat Giveaway

  1. My favorite surprise I think is when Coco and I get an unexpected package in the mail. And it’s usually from her boyfriend Dexter!

  2. 15 they are going strong! Your doing something right with them! My favorite surprise is when I get money I don’t expect! I need money, lots of money!

  3. my favorite surprise now would be winning the lottery or the best one would be that my oldest dog would be cancer free.

  4. My favorite surprise right now is a really sunny nice day! I’m ready for spring. Happy birthday to your furbabies!!

  5. My favorite surprise was that my wife booked a trip to Cripple Creek, Colorado. We had a wonderful time.

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