Strap Stick Giveaway

Strap Stick Giveaway

Strap Stick from Jones Natural Chews

Welcome to another Jones Natural Chews giveaway! This week’s featured treat is from Jones’ latest line of treats, just introduced last month, the Strap Stick! Here’s what Jones has to say about this yummy single ingredient treat for dogs.

Dogs will love these Strap Sticks! Strap Sticks are a beef ligament, baked for your dog’s enjoyment with no artificial ingredients. This product is a long lasting, odorless, totally digestible chew. Small Strap Sticks are recommended for small to medium size dogs, and Large Strap Sticks are recommended for medium to large size dogs. As always, Jones’ products are 100% grown and made in the USA.

And here’s what Waya has to say about Jones’ Strap Stick.

The new Strap Stick from Jones Natural Chews makes dogs smile
Waya is a dog of few words. I like that about her.

Waya is one discerning pup. She enjoyed the Strap Stick tremendously. Her foster brother, Sirius Black (who needs a furever home), loved the Strap Stick even more. Tossed it in the air and fetched it over and over.

The new Strap Stick from Jones Natural Chews makes dogs smile
To ask about adopting this year and a half old well-mannered pup, click this sentence and read his story.

Which Dogs Will Love It Most?

This may seem like a silly question. I guess what I’m really asking is for which dogs is it most appropriate. I think nearly all dogs is the correct answer, but I’ll try and break it down a little here.

The Strap Stick is completely digestible, unlike a lot of rawhide treats. Please, just throw those things away. There’s no glue or filler or compressed cowhide in a Strap Stick. It’s simply a beef ligament. Single ingredient. US cow. And here’s how it might work for your dog.

  • Small to medium size dog – Size is a state of mind, right? This is about more than height and weight. A smaller dog with an aggressive chew might better appreciate the Large Strap Stick, for instance. It’s all about knowing your dog. And a giant breed puppy might love the Small Strap Stick. I know a senior Dachshund who would devour a Large Strap Stick, just because she can.
  • Medium to large size dog – My own senior Aussie mixes are about 60 pounds and would just fit in the large dog category. Two years ago they would have devoured a Large Strap Stick. Today? Give them the Small, please. Their jaws just can’t handle more. Know your dog. Give it the appropriate chew.


We’ll see more beautiful dogs devouring Strap Sticks next week on the blog. I have a photo shoot lined up with a breed I’ve never seen in person. So excited! But I’m also excited about giving some lucky dog the Strap Stick from Jones Natural Chews! See that box below this paragraph? Yeah, that one. Leave a comment on this blog post, then click on that box. It’ll tell you to click that you’ve commented. Easy, huh? You’ll also want to take advantage of the daily tweeting, since you really rack up points toward winning that way. And liking the Facebook page. And following us on Twitter (that’s how the last contest was won). So do it! Do it now! Your dog will  thank you.

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16 thoughts on “Strap Stick Giveaway

  1. My dog used to be an aggressive chewer but has gotten slightly better as he ages. He still really enjoys bones and chew sticks so he would probably LOVE this!

  2. My sister has the 2 dogs and all I know is if you give them a chew toy, they will chew and chew until it’s destroyed!

  3. I don’t consider Coco an aggressive chewer but she does like to chew on bones. She doesn’t destroy her toys. Only when she was a puppy.

  4. Galen loves to chew. Fortunately for his teeth and my wallet he’s not a crusher, just likes to scare the good bits off.

  5. My husky honey loves to chew! It was bad when she was a pup and now that she’s older she still likes to but it is more under control.

  6. I have 2 big dogs and they are aggressive chewers. It is hard to find a treat that will last them for more than a few minutes.

  7. I have three rescued Treeing Walker Coonhounds. My girl, Kyoko, and one of the boys (Seiji) are definitely aggressive chewers. Kenji not so much, but he can sometimes be.

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