Spring Fling Giveaway from Jones

Spring Fling Giveaway from Jones

Spring Fling Giveaway from Jones

Y’all, I’m leaving Atlanta in a few minutes to drive to Myrtle Beach, so I’m cheating and recycling. But I’d probably write this exact same post all over again. Because it’s still SPRING! What better time for the Spring Fling giveaway than now?!? And everything you need to know about this giveaway and the treat is here! Enter! Make your dog smile.

I love a good giveaway. Even better, I love giving away more than a single treat. The Spring Fling from Jones Natural Chews is a great treat package for small to medium size dogs, or non-aggressive chewers. Take a look at how cute the packaging is.

Jones Natural Chews Spring Fling

Some lucky dog will walk away with a Spring Fling! Let’s take a look at what’s inside this flying disk!

  • 1 K9 Bacon Roll – this luscious treat is a rolled and baked pig skin, sure to drive your dogs wild
  • 1 Beef Knee Cap – the Knee Cap is a sturdy bone, supporting the weight of a cow and protecting the joint, perfect for teething puppies
  • 1 Pig Ear – there’s not a dog I know that doesn’t go crazy for a Pig Ear
  • 2 Wheezers – this baked beef trachea is a delicious treats for dogs of all sizes
  • 1 Cow Hoof – a long lasting chew, the Hoof is great for teeth and gums, but isn’t a bone

Why Choose a Spring Fling from Jones

You may be asking yourself why you’d choose Jones Natural Chews. Each of the treats in this pack is a single ingredient treat, which makes my mama heart happy. But Jones in general has a few great things going for it:

  • Every single treat is 100% all natural, with NO artificial ingredients, ever
  • Every treat is made with 100% USA ingredients, from farm to final product, baked and packaged in a US facility, certified American
  • Jones Natural Chews is a family run company, with the Jones siblings who started it still owning and running the facilities
  • The Jones family has been in the meat business – from slaughter house to butcher shop – for 150 years, so they know meat
  • Being a mom’n’pop company, run by hard-working folks in the heartland, Jones Natural Chews keeps their treats affordable
  • So few ingredients – I don’t think there are more than ten ingredients in any one treat, but most treats are just single ingredient

But Do Dogs Like Jones Natural Chews?

Do dogs like Jones Natural Chews? I’ve been giving Jones to various dogs for nearly four years. I’ve had plenty of people tell me their dogs don’t like treats, or will only eat a certain type of treat. I’ve proven those dog parents wrong over and over. Not a dog I meet won’t take a Jones Natural Chew. My own dogs are terribly spoiled now. Take a look.

Paatches vs Wheezer from the Spring Fling

Flash and Patches will be 14 years old this month. They’re 55-60 pound dogs. Every item in the Spring Fling is still perfect for them, including the Knee Cap. Flash loves the Pig Ear, too.

Spring Fling from Jones - dogs know the difference

What’s not to love? I know that your dog will love the Spring Fling, too.

How to Enter to Win the Spring Fling

We make it pretty simple to enter to win treats here. You must be a resident of the contiguous US to win. I blame the post office. But that’s about it. Our Rafflecopter entry system allows you to enter a variety of ways, including tweeting daily. And your dog will thank you for entering. Promise.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Spreading the good chews …


35 thoughts on “Spring Fling Giveaway from Jones

  1. My favorite thing about spring is being able to not bundle up in a heavy coat, hat, gloves, etc. and being able to be outside for longer and take long walks with the doggie. Being able to take Coco to the dog park. I also love seeing all the spring flowers bloom and the lawn grow again.

  2. My favorite thing about spring is seeing all the flowers blooming. My not so favorite is when the dogs decide to trample the flowers in the backyard.

  3. The flowers are starting to bloom, the tree leaves are starting to bud out and we are finished with winter. Love the smell of the spring air.

  4. My favorite thing about Spring – spending more time outside playing with my dogs, watching the new flowers bloom and BEES! LOVE watching them buzz around 🙂

  5. My favorite thing about spring is being able to walk the dog anytime of day before the heat of summer kicks in…and it’s not cold either! Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.

  6. the warmer weather and all of the local dog events, AKC dog show that start in March. also being able to get outside and run with my dogs

  7. Me and the dogs get to play and explore nature. They love being out with me and I love being out in the nice spring weather. We get to see all the critters and I know the dogs dream about catching them. Lucky for them the dogs are always on leash.

  8. My favorite thing about spring is the sunshine and warmth! My girl would really enjoy that jones natural chews prize!

  9. I love to hear the birds singing and seeing the spring
    flowers popping up like the daffodils and tulips.

  10. Love that it stays lighter longer, weather is warming up, flowers/trees are blooming and birds are chirpping….

  11. My favorite this about spring Is the weather and food. Time to pull out the Grill. Olivia and Jaxon love the grass and flowers and getting to run around more.

  12. i love the flowers blooming, but hate cutting the grass, takes me over 8 hrs. i like that the weather is nice so i dont have to wear jackets, just shorts and t’s, and can go running with my girls (dogs).

  13. Springtime is like starting fresh. Love the blossoms on the trees, plants, flowers, it is getting warmer as the days are longer. Lil’ Miss Izzie loves basking in the sun 🙂

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