Spooky Dog iPhone Photos

Spooky Dog iPhone Photos

Spooky Dog iPhone Photos

Y’all, I had the creepiest experience last night. Spooky dog iPhone photos. Seriously. You have to tell me if this has happened to you.

It all began when I picked up a one dollar shamrock head band thingy for the dogs.

Spooky iPhone photos for St. Patrick's Day
Chewy hates having things on his head. But I love the expression on his face more than I hate traumatizing him, poor dear.

How could I not force my dogs to wear this headpiece? It’s fantastic! In fact, Gadget wishes to tell you all happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Spooky Dog iPhone photos for St. Patrick's Day

I lie. Gadget hates it, too. In this photo, he’s nomming on a piece of Jones Natural Chews Big Paw Jerky. So he’ll hold still. And here’s the creepy part. The spooky dog iPhone photos just showed up in my photo app. COMPLETE WITH SOUND. That’s right, my phone took a series of photos and thoughtfully created a video. And added sound. WHERE DID THEY GET THE SOUND?!? I didn’t press video! See why I say it’s spooky dog iPhone photos?! Watch!

HOW CREEPY IS THAT?!? Y’all, that’s just downright wrong. Then it did it again.


It’s Not Just Gadget

If these were the only two videos, I might suspect that I’d hit video accidentally. Well, except that these spooky dog iPhone videos show up in my photo feed after some other photos, which I took after the photos of Gadget that morning. They weren’t all together, is what I’m saying. In fact, the videos showed up along side this video, which was originally a photo series.

The heck?! Please, someone tell me this is as weird as I think it is. Or that your phone has done this to you. Or that you know where the sound comes from. Why on earth would my phone record sound with a photo? Still shots? I’m truly freaking out about it. And wondering what else my phone is doing when I’m not looking.

Alright – I found a link explaining this weird phenomenon, but I still don’t like it. Click here to understand this better. Then come back and explain to me why I’d want this instead of just clicking the video feature.


Stepping away from the photo/video drama, let’s talk about what we really do here on the blog. We promote the very best meaty dog treats in the world. Jones Natural Chews. And we currently have two giveaways happening at once! Some lucky dog will win a beef knuckle bone for its chewing pleasure (they’re great for dental health), and some other lucky dog will win three of the very latest treats to be rolled out by Jones Natural Chews, dog’s choice!

To enter to win the knuckle bone, click this sentence, scroll down to the giveaway box, click it and do what it says. To enter to win the mystery treats (your dog wants you to know that you should enter both giveaways), click this sentence and do the same as above. This will make your dog happy, which will make you happy. Unless, of course, you’re like me and enjoy torturing your dog. I guess you could put the treats on its head and snap a photo …

Spreading the good chews …


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