Road Tripping

Road Tripping

Louie the French Dog is our guest blogger today. We meet up in the strangest places, road tripping. You can follow Louie on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Road Tripping with Mama

Louie the French Dog at BlogPaws

Sometimes mama and I go away on trips together. Those are fun, except I miss everyone at home. The first time mama and I took a long trip together, it was super fun, because it was hours of quality time with mama in the car without anyone interrupting us. At the end of the long drive, we arrived at someone’s huge house with about 416 bedrooms in it. Imagine my surprise when I realized that one of those bedrooms belonged to my great friend, Miss Flea, who came to visit me the year before I went to visit her!

Flea’s bedroom was a fun place to hang in the evening. She had her bed and I had mine that I shared with mama. During the day, we helped Miss Flea with a dog treat stand in another room, and she let me have any treat that I wanted. I chose a pig ear, because Jones Natural Chews make the best pig ears in the history of ever. I think it’s because they’re all natural, as the name implies. I worked on that pig ear for days. It was pretty amazing.

We only got to visit Miss Flea for a few days, but 6 months later we drove to visit her again. Apparently she moved. She still had a small room with one bed for her and one for me to share with mama, but it was in a different house with 416 bedrooms. Miss Flea has nice homes.

A French Bulldog and a Great Dane walk on stage ...

At this house, Miss Flea didn’t have her booth set up, so I didn’t get any yummy pig ears, but turns out, Miss Flea saved the day, and possibly my life. (I may or may not be exaggerating.) I do miss those at home when I travel, even if mama is with me. When I miss home, I don’t get hungry. When I don’t get hungry, I don’t eat, because that makes sense. On Day 3 of being away from home, mama caught me being sick from not eating, and may have panicked a little bit. I just wasn’t feeling the food mama brought from home, nor was I feeling any samples of food at the big house event we were at. Miss Flea knows good food, and shared hers with me. She stores lots of cans of dog food in her room, and shared them with me quite freely. Turns out, I love canned dog food! Miss Flea made me forget about my hunger strike, and as a result I felt better the rest of the days we were there.

As I was leaving to come home, Miss Flea gave me some Jones Taffy. That stuff is like crack, man. I snarfed that up quicker than you can wag your tail, because you never know when another pup is going to hone in on our treats. Miss Flea sure knows her food, and she’s quite generous in sharing it, too!

Thank You

Thanks, Louie, for writing today’s post! Miss Flea is nearly done with her chemo and radiation treatments and is really tired all the time. She welcomes any and all help with the blog. And Louie is one of her favorite dogs! Pop over to Louie’s mama’s Etsy shop and take a look at her fun dog accessories!

Spreading the good chews …


5 thoughts on “Road Tripping

  1. Oh wow Louie, you got to meet Miss Lea in the furs, not once but twice!!!!
    How lucky to get to share sum of those WONDERFUL foodables Miss Flea has, yum, yum
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx
    PeeS Big luffs and hugs to you Miss Flea, well done on getting through all these treatments, you are a star

  2. Well Louie, I’m so glad that Miss Flea FINALLY let you in on the best kept secret in the dog world, Jones Taffy. It is like doggie crack and the dogs at Casa de Heart Like a Dog ADORE it. I’m glad you are finally part of the club. 🙂

    And thank you for joining the blog hop!

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