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Road Trip!

I decided that the best way to launch a new blog for Jones Natural Chews was with a road trip. Who doesn’t love a good road trip? I even brought my own personal mascots, Fred and Bessie! Say hello to my little friends!

Fred and Bessie are NOT big fans of beef knuckles, or big beefy bones, or even beef jerky (go figure), but they’re fine with dogs everywhere consuming any of JNC’s pork and chicken products. My own babies, Flash and Patches, are huge fans of the beef chews. Shh! Don’t tell the wee bovines.

Flash loves his Jones Natural Chews!
Good boy!

Our first day on the road saw the three of us leaving Tulsa, Oklahoma, and driving straight up through Missouri past St. Louis. Curious creatures that Fred and Bessie are, they demanded we stop anyplace which caught their eyes. We stopped a lot the first day. Including at the welcome center near the state line.

Welcome center
Welcome to Missouri!

For a state sporting a traffic cone giant as their mascot, there was surprisingly little construction. Which is nice. Don’t even get me STARTED on the construction in Illinois. Sheesh! If you squint hard, you can see Fred and Bessie on the cone monster’s foot.

Missouri mascot

Our next stop was only about twenty miles up the road – demanding little cows – at the Precious Moments museum. Something about tiny ceramic figurines. F&B requested a photo shoot with an angel. Who am I to say no?

Fred and Bessie meet an angel
The cows are so proud to be photographed with a giant angel.

We stopped again, only an hour or so later, looking for a giant jigsaw puzzle store. I had no idea that the cows were so into puzzles. They were jumping all over the dashboard, mooing like crazy, when they saw the billboard for the puzzle store. We never found the store, but we did find chickens. And fresh eggs. F&B were a little nervous around such large birds, but the lady who was selling their eggs let me hold one.

Great eggs come from free range chickens
Can you believe a stranger let me hold her chickens?!?

Stopping for lunch was … different. Turns out I’m not allowed to eat hamburgers while the cows are around. They spent a lot of time in my purse while I ate.

No, thank you
Fred and Bessie do NOT approve

I didn’t take any photos of myself locked out of my truck only half an hour from that day’s destination. Or photos of Fred and Bessie locked in the truck with the keys. Especially none of Fred holding the keys and sticking his tongue out at me. Stinker. Fortunately, my insurance company loves me and the locksmith was there in five minutes.

So. No dogs our first day out, sadly. But tune in next time for dogs, cats, ducks and more adventure!

Until I write again,


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