Wild ducks like treats, too

Road Trip, Part Deux

Day two of our road trip, Fred, Bessie and myself, saw us driving straight up through the state of Illinois. I wanted to photograph the fields of corn – that’s a lie. Illinois is not a pretty state, and the corn fields are not appealing. So let’s skip to the good stuff. My friend, Wendy, is a dog sitter. I know! And look at the beauty she was caring for the day I arrived:

Dog Sitting
Cora shreds her tennis balls

Isn’t she a gorgeous pup? I threw the slobber covered tennis ball for awhile in the 100 degree heat, while Cora ran and fetched. Then we moved indoors to play a game of tug:

A Rousing Game of Tug
Wendy works out. She has to to play tug with this pup!

She’s a large, feisty dog. I fell in love. Maybe I’ll get a part-time job dog sitting. Can you imagine?

That evening I stayed with Wendy, whom I’ve only known on Facebook for a few months, and her lovely family. They’re owned by a couple of GORGEOUS Maine Coon cats. That’ll be my next cat, btw.

My Next Cat
Isn’t he amazing?

We spent the rest of the evening at the duck pond, luring wild ducks with stale bread.


Wild ducks like treats, too
Alyssa feed the wild ducks

Fred and Bessie even got a little time with the darling daughter.


Fred and Bessie in Volo, IL
Our gracious hostess entertains the cows

My only real regret is that my box of Jones Natural Chews treats hadn’t arrived in time for my trip and we didn’t have any for Cora. 🙁  C’est la vie!

As you can imagine, two days and fifteen hours on a road trip, as well as strange beds, is beginning to take it’s toll. But tomorrow? We’ll visit Jones Natural Chews in person! Meet Rocky the JNC mascot!

Until I write again,


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