Road Trip Dogs, 2

Road Trip Dogs, 2

Y’all, I only got about half way through the two week road trip with yesterday’s photos. And not only did I meet some gorgeous, sweet dogs, I met amazing people. I wish I could tell you all of their stories. But we’ll stick to the road trip dogs for today.

Possum the tortie cat
Waaaaait a minute. That’s not a dog. This is actually Possum, my aunt’s torty cat. When she appeared out of the shadows, I swear she looked just like a possum. Freaky, huh?
Ricky the Terrier
Y’all met Ricky yesterday. His mama, Jan, runs the Justice for Pookie FaceCrack page. Ricky is absolutely adorable. He also loves Jones Natural Chews.
Life With Beagle
Raise your hand if you know Lulu the Beagle! Hi Lulu! She’s Christie’s dog, over at Life With Beagle. And boy does she know how to bark and bay! Classic Beagle, she is. Pretty thing, eh? Lulu loves the Woofermen, I think, which is great, since they’re also a Christmas treat!
Agility Havanese asks for a treat
Rocco! Diane’s sweet little Rocco, an agility Havanese, was climbing on the Jones prize basket, working a treat the best he could. I sent him away with some yummy chews for being such a pretty boy.
Ghillie the working Aussie
Ghillie! Ghillie is Collette’s Australian Shepherd. Ghilllie is a big boy for an Aussie and one of my all-time favorite dogs. He’s bred large, being working class. And oh boy does this dog love Jones!
Susan and the Good Flea
Hey everybody! It’s Susan! For the life of me I can’t remember which blog is hers. Someone! Tell me! I told you I met sweet people. 🙂
Affenpinscher and Italian Greyhound
Chewy was reunited with his foster mom, Taylor, and his foster brother, Frankie, an Italian Greyhound. They ran and ran and ran. And ran. Then ran some more.
Mercy the Cur
On the trip home I met Mercy, a Cur mix. Isn’t she lovely? Mercy and Chewy played hard the entire time I was there. Mercy’s mama is a long time blogging friend, at Fresh Fixins.
Husky/Corgi mix
Y’all, I got out of the car at my cousin’s house and just laughed and laughed. I probably shouldn’t have, but have you ever seen such a thing as this? Cooper is ADORABLE! This Husky/Corgi mix just looks so impossible! But he’s sweet and cute. The short legs just kill me!


There you have it! A road trip in dog photos. Each and every one of them enjoyed their own Jones treats!

Until I write again …


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