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Road Trip!

Forgive me, but I’m prepping for a major road trip, so I’m a little scattered. And nervous. This is Chewy’s first big road trip, and it’s a lot of driving, which I love. It’s also two weeks. Let me lay out the itinerary? Let me also say, my mom and her wee Honey Shih Tzu will be traveling with us for part of the trip!

Shih Tzu
Honey and Chewy are the very bestest friends, but they’ve never traveled together.

This Friday, Tulsa, Oklahoma to Shreveport, Louisiana – having lunch with the illustrious MK Clinton, at Barking from the Bayou! I’m so excited. Her dogs, my Chewy, mom’s Honey – what a time that should be! There will be treats. There will be photos. There will be dogs! All in Louisiana!

Affen mutt at the ready - ready to snooze
Chewy has done all the prep work he needs to. He has his stuffed fox and a bag full of Jones chews. Let’s go, mama! Let’s meet those Louisiana dogs!

Then we head to Ruston to stay the night with my cousins and their kids. And their dog, Duke. Does anyone remember Duke?

Beef trachea - OM NOM NOM
Duke loved his beef trachea.

Saturday morning we’ll get up early and head down to Baton Rouge to stay a few days with a couple of the cutest little imps you’ve ever seen, my niece and nephew. I might have to stop and get boudin balls on the way down. And on the way home. You’ve never had boudin balls? OMD, people. They’re AMAZING.

Cutest baby ever
This is my niece a year ago. She was the cutest little baby. Now she’s walking and getting into everything! We’re heading to Baton Rouge to celebrate her birthday.

Back on track – the following Tuesday, my mom and I will drive through New Orleans, on down to Buras, Louisiana, my home town. I hear tell there’s not much there. Katrina swept a lot of it away. But we still have friends there, and they’ve promised us seafood, so off we go!

Fried oyster and shrimp in Louisiana
My good friend in Buras is married to a fisherman. She’s already started cooking in preparation for our visit. Seafood!!!

I’ll take my mom to meet my sister, then Chewy and I will drive to Birmingham, Alabama, where we’ll stay the night with the cutest little Dachshunds you ever want to see.

Red short haired dachshund
Clementine – isn’t that a sweet name? – is a red short-haired dachshund, the first dog I remember our family having. She looks just like our Frieda. I’ll be staying with Clementine and her family again.

Wednesday I’ll drive to Atlanta, Georgia, where I’ll check in at the Westin Buckhead, meet my Suzy, and help set up the Jones booth for Bark World! You know there will be photos. Plenty of them. And plenty of dogs. And plenty of yummy treats for the dogs!

Jones booth at Blog Paws 2013
This will be Jones‘ first year manning a booth or table at Bark World. Chewy is so excited! He’ll be surrounded by treats all day, every day!

Monday, after Bark World, I’m meeting Chewy’s foster mom, who’s recently moved back to Atlanta. We’ll be having lunch, Chewy will hang out with his original big brother, the new dog will get to know everyone. The new dog? Oh yeah – I might be bringing an extra dog home. I didn’t tell you that? You’ll see.

Standard poodle
Will I be bringing home a Poodle? Noooooo.
A lovely senior Golden Retriever
Will I be bringing home a Golden Retriever? Nooooo.
Red merle Aussie
Will I be bringing home another Australian Shepherd? Noooooo. You’ll just have to wait and see!

Then Tuesday, driving to southern Mississippi to stay the night with and old friend I’ve never met. Wednesday, driving back to Baton Rouge. Thursday, mom, Honey, Chewy, new dog and myself will all drive to northern Louisiana and crash in a hotel somewhere.

Affenpinscher mutt
“Really, mama? Really will we crash? I thought you were a good driver, mama. That’s what you always tell me. It’s not what daddy says …”

Then Friday – HOME!!! Y’all, I’m exhausted just thinking about it all. And so excited! Meeting new dogs! Traveling with Chewy! Meeting new people! Seeing plenty of family! Driving all over the south!

So! Are you going to Bark World? Will I see you there? If not, not worries – I’ll take plenty of photos of the entire experience and tell you all about it. If so, I’ll see you there! This will be the best road trip EVER!

Until I write again …


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  1. Wow! A road trip … with Chewy … see bloggie furrends and other friends too? As if that was not enuf – a new doggy involved too? You live in Tulsa – is that where Jones is – my mind doesn’t do a good job of retaining some info sometime. I have a cyber Beagle friend there from my group days – me and the Beaglebratz NEED to come down there – almost a straight line south from Topeka, KS. Oh … and me at Bark World – ain’t even gonna happen – same with BlogPaws or any other conference like it 🙁 Finances and health/work issues dictate that.
    Mom Kim
    Mom Kim for Team Beaglebratz recently posted..(True confession time?) Too much Reality – time for new dreams, setting goals (do I dare?) from Mom KimMy Profile

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