Real Beef for Real Dogs

Real Beef for Real Dogs

Real Beef for Real Dogs

Today’s real beef for real dogs isn’t your typical beef. You may be thinking of ground beef in a recipe, or beef jerky. You might even think steak when I say real beef. And some dog treat companies will tout real beef like it’s a big deal, when there’s only SOME beef in the treat. Not Jones Natural Chews. Nope. Check out the Bully n Beef Wrap, our latest dog treat giveaway (stay tuned at the end for the giveaway).

Bully n Beef Wrap from Jones Natural Chews - real beef for real dogs
Bully n Beef Wrap from Jones Natural Chews is real beef for real dogs – a beef bully stick wrapped through a beef trachea, then baked to perfection – 100% beef

I say this is real beef for real dogs because it’s 100% beef. This two ingredient treat (beef trachea and beef pizzle) is beef and only beef. Swear. No coatings, no nothing else.

What’s in a Dog Treat from Jones Natural Chews?

Most treats from Jones Natural Chews are single ingredient treats, or two single ingredient treats combined, like this one. Our fancy treats – like taffy and jerky – usually only have five or six ingredients. We truly believe that to keep dogs healthy and smiling, treats need to be simple, all natural, all American, and pretty much just meat. We’re talking real dogs, after all. They need the good stuff.

Here’s the meat list you’ll find when scanning our treats:

  • Beef
  • Venison
  • Rabbit
  • Pork
  • Chicken
  • Lamb

Quite often, when looking through our beef, pork and lamb treats, they’re single ingredient treats. Bones, meat, baked to perfection. Treats like Windees (beef trachea), Lamb Lung Puffs (just lamb lungs), Heartbreakers (strips of baked pork heart). Your dog is guaranteed to smile.

But Do Dogs Like Real Beef?

Seriously? You had to ask that question? Let’s check in with Bella, one of my favorite Australian Shepherds. I gave her a Bully n Beef Wrap this weekend.

Treat your dog to happiness with Jones Natural Chews
Bella the Australian Shepherd sinks her teeth into a Bully n Beef Wrap from Jones Natural Chews

Bella is a shy, protective dog. She’s wary of strangers, as well as people she’s known a long time. I’ve known Bella for seven years or so, since she was a puppy. She still acts like she wants to kill me when I come in the house. Then I sit down. She smells me. And she remembers why she loves me. I bring the good stuff. Jones Natural Chews. Her mama says I’ve spoiled her against any other treats. *sigh* I have that effect on dogs. And I don’t regret it.

So I asked Bella if she liked real beef. This is the response I got.

Bella loves her real beef treats from Jones Natural Chews
Bella declined comment. Her mouth was full, and Bella is a lady and a good girl.

I think this is all the proof we need. Real dogs love real beef.


Your dog has the opportunity to win its very own Bully n Beef treat from Jones Natural Chews! It’s easy to enter, and it’ll make your dog smile if you do. Promise. See that box just below? That’s where you click to enter. You’ll need to leave a comment on this post. But to increase your chances of winning, I highly recommend tweeting every day. Most of our winners are tweeters. A handful are people who’ve followed us on Twitter, or who’ve visited our Facebook page. So cover your bases and do all of that, m’kay? Your dog would tell you it’s worth the extra 30 seconds. Treat your dog to happiness. 😉

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Now go give your dog a Jones Natural Chew. And have a great day!

Spreading the good chews …


19 thoughts on “Real Beef for Real Dogs

  1. My dogs stay inside most of the time out of the heat. If they’ve been outside for awhile though, I make sure they have plenty of water available.

  2. We stay indoors with the a/c on and will do spritz’s of water like a mister. I also make sure we have plenty of water to drink.

  3. They love running thru (and drinking from) their baby pool! Also lots of shade and cool water to drink!

  4. It’s very hard to keep cool in the summer. I enjoy blasting my air conditioning and eating lots of ice cream. My dogs like chomping on ice.

  5. When krypto is outside we add ice to his water and make sure it goes in the shade. He has a dog house by the trees to keep cool but most of the time he is inside enjoying the a/c

  6. we have not been going out much this summers. too hot. the girls go out on the large covered deck, to play. been hitting the high 90’s and even already hit 100. i am not a hot weather person. my oldest cant take the heat either, so they stay in the ac and eat doggy ice cream. i add flavored ice cubes to their water as well to make them drink more.

  7. The dogs stay in the air conditioning most of the day. They get to run and play outside early in the morning and at the end of the day when it is cooler.

  8. The dogs don’t go outside in the middle of the day and would rather sleep in the A/C. Dawn and dusk are their favorite times to go outside.

  9. We go in the pool together, go for walks at night when it’s cooler and hang out in the a/c together.

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