Rainy Day Dogs, FBM 220

Rainy Day Dogs, FBM 220

Rainy Day Dogs

Happy Funny Bone Monday! Today’s Rainy Day Dogs are a tribute to my own senior dogs last night. It stormed all night long – thunder and lightning, bright and loud. Flash and Patches paced and panted till Hunny put them in the bathroom so he could sleep. Storms are tough on old dog senses and joints. But to lighten the mood, our rainy day dogs will show up in fun videos! And I’ll announce our chicken feet and duck feet winner at the end of today’s post.

Our first question – should a dog have to go potty in the rain? – is answered succinctly.

That’s pretty definitive, I think. The answer is no. Which isn’t the answer for all dogs. If there’s no thunder and lightning, my Patches loves a rainy day. She comes in soaked and happy. The other three think like the above pooch, though. A rainy day is an indoor day. Give that poor dog a mammoth bone from Jones Natural Chews so it’ll feel better.

Next up, Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund shows us how a rainy day dog does it right.

Why of course! A rain coat and an umbrella! Skip that wet dog smell. And OOO! The wet dog smell! On the flip side, let’s take a look at some rainy day dogs who LOVE the rain! I’ll bet they all smell like a fresh rain storm, too. 😉

Dollars to donuts, I’ll bet these same rain loving dogs hate a bath, The heck, dogs?!? Okay, one last rainy day dogs video. Then I sleep. The seniors kept me up all night, too.

Is that not the happiest dog? I’m loving it! In all honesty, I’m grateful for the rain.


Our current giveaway has come to a close and we have a winner! The winning entry was someone following our Twitter page (@JonesChews). How about that! Did you know that you can enter by doing more than just commenting? Frequently our winners are tweets instead of comments on the blog post! Without further ado, our winner is …

Sandy Weinstein! Congratulations, Sandy! You win the Chicken Feet and Duck Feet from Jones Natural Chews! These fun treats are full of glucosamine and chondroitin. And Jones is careful to remove the nails, so nothing sharp and pointy is being consumed. Your dogs are going to love them!

Now y’all scoot. I hope you’re having a great spring so far! And give your dog a Jones Natural Chew. Watch it smile.

Spreading the good chews …


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