A Quiet Wednesday,

A Quiet Wednesday,

It’s a quiet Wednesday. At least, I assume it is. I’m winging my way back to Tulsa from New York, probably exhausted. I’ve been to a Pug Wedding, a Dog Writer’s Banquet, and to the 139th annual Westminster Dog Show. So at this point in the journey, I’m hoping, for future-me, that it’s a quiet Wednesday.

Scratch my tummy!
Is there any better image of peace and quiet than a sleeping dog? Quiet Wednesday, here I come!

And I’m hoping to return to plenty of licks from these sweet fur-babies. The dog of my heart, Flash:

Suave old dog
Flash is a debonair old man of 12. Handsome, sophisticated, able to spot a pill at a hundred paces.

His sister-in-crime, both of them nearly 13 years old (next month), Patches:

Patches is always up for a fiesta! Or is that siesta? Either way, she’s always up for a treat!

And their new little brother, the Affen-mutt from Texas, Chewy:

The "Please" face
How can you resist Chewy’s “please” face? You can’t. You know you can’t. I can’t either.

As well as some familiar faces:

Begging for treats
Hunny and Chewy will be waiting for me.
A boy and his Affenpinscher
Sasquatch and Chewy, model citizens. Both are my partners in crime.
My three kids
I’m thankful for my family. 🙂

So hug your loved ones, whether or not they be fur-covered, and say a prayer that the Good Flea has a safe flight and some peace and quiet today. Because tomorrow will be all show dogs and all fun!

Until I write again …


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