Pumpers – Treats Dogs Love

Pumpers – Treats Dogs Love

Pumpers – Treats Dogs Love

It’s Valentine’s month, and that means hearts! Pumpers, treats dogs love, are on the menu! Of course, dogs love all of the Jones Natural Chews menu, but these treats are perfect for February. Why, you ask? Let Jones tell you for themselves, then my crew of handsome mutts will show you the beauty of the Pumper, why they’re treats dogs love.

Jones’ Pumpers can make any canine’s pumper start to race with just one bite of this tasty treat. This “hearty” treat is great for all size dogs. Pumpers are USA all-natural pork hearts, oven baked with no artificial ingredients. All Jones’ products are 100% grown and made in the USA.

A single ingredient treat, any dog parent would be glad to give this treat to their pooch. My own dogs vary in size from 13 to 60 pounds. They each had a Pumper this morning. Let’s see what they had to say. Ladies first.

Jones Natural Chews Pumpers - Treats Dogs Love

Patches, a 60 pound Aussie mix and 15 years old next month, still enjoys a treat which challenges her jaws and teeth. The Pumper, or baked pork heart, does just that. It’s a tough treat, lasting a good five minutes for Patches and her brother, Flash.

Jones Natural Chews Pumpers - Treats Dogs Love

Flash and Patches spent another ten minutes licking the carpet, getting up all the crumbs. Good dogs. These truly are treats dogs love. Chewy will agree.

Jones Natural Chews Pumpers - Treats Dogs Love

This little Affenpinscher mix can’t sit still for a treat. He goes absolutely bananas. Obviously. He chewed on the Pumper (a smaller one) for a solid ten or fifteen minutes before it was gone. Oh, by the way, if you come to my house, don’t sit in the green chair. That’s where Chewy eats his treats and gnaws on bones. Ew.

But the Real Treat Lover Is …

Gadget is my smallest dog, with the tiniest mouth. He’s also my most photogenic, in that he’ll sit still for a picture. He’s my most tenacious pup. Let’s see what he thinks of the Pumper.

Jones Natural Chews Pumpers - Treats Dogs Love

Y’all, the Pumper kept Gadget chewing for 20 minutes. Never one to give up, he just kept at it till it was gone. I’m thinking he won’t need to eat until three this afternoon. And would he share with his siblings who finished theirs before he did?

Jones Natural Chews Pumpers - Treats Dogs Love

I don’t think so. Good boy.


From my heart to yours (see what I did there?), we’re giving some lucky dog a Pumper from Jones Natural Chews! This 100% all natural (it’s only one ingredient), 100% grown and baked in the USA treat will make your dog very happy. To enter, click on the box below and click away! Tweeting daily really racks up the points, increasing your chances at winning this yummy treat. Following our Facebook page and Twitter account just make me happy. 🙂

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Now get out there and find Jones Natural Chews for your dog! They’re treats dogs love. Naturally.

Spreading the good chews …


20 thoughts on “Pumpers – Treats Dogs Love

  1. i think it would be Hanukkah or their bday. unlike Christmas, presents are given for 8 days. for their bday they have special treatment.

  2. EEK! We are neighbors! I live in Rockford, IL. HOW did I not know about you guys????? So glad I know now!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. Christmas is definitely her favorite holiday! She loves to unwrap gifts and she gets tons of them at Christmas! She gets so excited when you say the word present!

    • I think that if you’re giving pork as a treat and not food, it should be okay. You know – like dessert! And now I want bacon crusted tiramisu …

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