Pumper and Dino Bone Giveaway

Pumper and Dino Bone Giveaway

Happy Tasty Tuesday! Today we’re giving away either a Jones Natural Chews Pumper (a baked pig heart), or a Dino Bone (a beef leg bone). I brought both along last week when visiting a friend’s dog, not remembering what kind of dog she had (she’d just adopted her last month). Let’s take a look at Maggie and the Dino Bone first, see what she thought of it.

The Dino Bone is a wee bit big for this diminutive pooch.
Maggie took one look at the Dino Bone from Jones Natural Chews and said, “Lemme at it!” She clearly thought herself up to the challenge. Poor dear. She was clearly wrong.

I certainly brought the wrong bone for Maggie. But she loved the Pumper!

Tiny dog can handle this pig heart from Jones
“Is that Pumper for ME?!” Maggie decided she’d be the better dog and have the Pumper instead. Good girl.

The beauty of the Pumper is that it’s a rather large treat, but it snaps and breaks fairly easily into smaller parts. Small enough for this tiny dog to enjoy. Here’s what Jones Natural Chews has to say about the Pumper.

Being whole-heartedly and naturally baked is the way into any dog’s heart. Our special muscle can make any canine’s pumper start to race with just one bite of this tasty treat. Great dog treat for all size dogs.

Maggie’s mom will keep the Pumper out of reach and give Maggie small pieces from time to time. Small dogs don’t need a lot of treats to have a great training experience, or just a great day. Treats are like candy – a little goes a long way.

Wee dog eats a bit of baked pig heart
It took Maggie awhile to chew up this little bit of the Pumper. One small piece a day is probably enough for her trim puppy self.

Like every other treat Jones makes, the Pumper and the Dino Bone are 100% all natural and 100% grown and produced in the USA. These two particular treats are also single ingredients treats! I love being able to say that to a dog parent.


So here’s the fun part for you. I’m using Rafflecopter again today, since that seemed to work fairly well last month, and we’re giving away either a Pumper or a Dino Bone for your dog! Or your neighbor’s dog, if you just happen to read this blog for my rapier-like wit and have no dog of your own. Hey! It could happen.

Hey! Don't take my treat!
“HEY! Don’t take my Pumper! IT’S MINE! NOT YOURS!” Maggie, chill! No one is taking your Pumper. We’re giving away a brand new pig heart or Dino Bone to one lucky winner. You get to keep your treats. It’s okay.

Now’s the part where you come in! Leave a comment letting me know which type of treat your dog (or neighbor’s dog) would prefer, as well as using the Rafflecopter tool for a chance to win! And that’s nearly it! The other stipulation is that you must be a resident of the USA to win. Man, I hate that rule, but it’s necessary. The Canadian mail moose has been turning back meat treats at the border, so we can’t ship them to individuals. Stupid Canadian mail moose. Go ask Kol’s mom. I think it might be her fault.
a Rafflecopter giveaway


  • Leave a comment
  • Use the Rafflecopter tool
  • Must be a USA resident to win
  • Contest ends this Friday night, 8/7/15, at midnight

    Now go give your dog a Jones Natural Chew and watch it smile! Naturally.

Until I write again …


14 thoughts on “Pumper and Dino Bone Giveaway

  1. i think my girls would rather have the bone, but it would be too big for them, so i would donate it to a rescue group, not sure abt the baked pigs, never seen this b4, i do not feed my girls pig ears, so this would be different. think it would be healthier.

  2. That’s a huge Dino bone! Too big for my pups 🙂 I think they’d prefer the Pumper. It’s big but can be broken into smaller pcs which is great!

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