Pork Heart Dog Valentine

Pork Heart Dog Valentine

Pork Heart Dog Valentine Wednesday

It’s a BlogPaws Wordless Wednesday (where we’re never wordless), and because we’re hosting a Jones Natural Chews Pumpers giveaway right now, it’s a Pork Heart Dog Valentine Wednesday! Is your dog your Valentine? Mine sure is. Little Gadget has captured my heart. And because he has, he also captures plenty of treats. Namely, the Pumper, our Pork Heart Dog Valentine.

Jones Natural Chews Pumper - a Pork Heart Dog Valentine

It takes Gadget’s tiny mouth a good 20 minutes to devour the Pumper, but he’s determined. His dog Valentine is totally worth it.

Jones Natural Chews Pumper - a Pork Heart Dog Valentine

His eyes just kill me. That’s love. Love for the best all-natural dog Valentine ever. Jones’ Pumper is a single ingredient treat – a baked pork heart – with no coatings or anything, from a US raised pig. It doesn’t get any better than that. How many of your dog’s treats are single ingredient meat treats? It’s the perfect dog Valentine.

Not Just for Small Dogs

Kato Jack, a Blue Heeler/Lab mix, would argue that the Pumper is perfect for large dogs. In fact, Kato Jack is also my dog Valentine. He’s so handsome. *swoon*

Jones Natural Chews Pumper - a Pork Heart Dog Valentine

Don’t let the face fool ya. Kato Jack has excellent manners, even though he chews with his mouth open. He devoured this Pumper pretty quickly and came looking for more. But a single Pumper is a good all-day type treat. Kato had to settle for some Big Paw Jerky for dessert.

Jones Natural Chews Pumper - a Pork Heart Dog Valentine

Gadget won’t settle. He wants the whole heart. So I gave him my heart. He gave me a pen.

Jones Natural Chews Pumper - a Pork Heart Dog Valentine

Does your dog write poetry? Chewy does. All of his poetry is about Jones Natural Chews, though. Huh. And none of it is very good. Obviously. So let’s just talk about the …


Chewy’s poetry may not be any good, but Jones Natural Chews are always the best. And the best treat you can give your dog Valentine is a Pumper, or pork heart, from Jones. Lucky for you and your dog, Jones Natural Chews is giving away a Pumper! And if you tweet about the giveaway daily, it greatly increases your chances of winning! Just click this sentence and scroll down to the bottom of the post which opens in a new window, then follow directions. Your dog will thank you for it. Naturally.

While you wait to see if you’ve won, check out the selection of Jones Natural Chews at your local feed or pet store. Tractor Supply and Atwood’s both carry Jones, or you can use the store locator to find them near you. Your dog is going to love you for it!

Spreading the good chews …


12 thoughts on “Pork Heart Dog Valentine

  1. my 3 gals are my only valentines. we are going to vday parties at the local pet stores this wkend, i have to clip them and make them outfits.

  2. Pork heart sounds and looks delicious – clearly my dogs all have my heart all year round so we should start celebrating V-Day early with this!! Kato Jack’s expression is HILARIOUS.

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