Pizzle and Trachea, Bully N Beef

Pizzle and Trachea, Bully N Beef

Pizzle and Trachea


Today we take a look at a great treat from Jones Natural Chews, the Bully N Beef, a pizzle and trachea combination. I usually photograph friends’ dogs gnawing on Jones treats, but I had to try this particular treat out on my own dogs first. How could I not? I’ll explain why in a moment. First, you must see the beauty that is the Bully N Beef, or pizzle and trachea.

Bully N Beef pizzle and trachea dog treat from Jones Natural Chews www.DogTreatWeb.com

The Bully N Beef is a natural (meaning the exterior casing is still attached, giving it more meat and yumminess) pizzle, or bully stick, wrapped through a Windee, or beef trachea. It’s a two ingredient treat for dogs, and both are meat. Like all Jones Natural Chews, this pizzle and trachea treat is slow baked to perfection. It’s also 100% all natural and 100% grown and produced in the USA. But do dogs love it? Let’s see what Flash and Patches have to say about that.

Bully N Beef pizzle and trachea dog treat from Jones Natural Chews www.DogTreatWeb.com

Beef for Senior Dogs

I was being selfish when I gave this pizzle and trachea treat to my senior dogs. Sure, the bully stick is beloved by dogs all over the planet, and rightly so. And Jones Natural Chews bully sticks don’t reek like other company’s bullies. But the real reason Flash and Patches got these Bully N Beef treats is for the Windees, or beef trachea. Did you know that beef trachea is one of the highest natural sources of glucosamine and chondroitin? For a single ingredient treat that dogs find delicious, that’s pretty amazing. And my dogs are 14 years old, with aching joints. I can afford to be a little selfish. They appreciated it. Take a look.

Bully N Beef pizzle and trachea dog treat from Jones Natural Chews www.DogTreatWeb.com

Patches dismantled hers, pulling out the pizzle and eating it first.

Bully N Beef pizzle and trachea dog treat from Jones Natural Chews www.DogTreatWeb.com

The Bully N Beef made my senior dogs very happy, as well as keeping them occupied for half an hour or so. Oh! And later in the afternoon the two dogs did something they haven’t done in over a year – they romped. They did! They chased Chewy around the yard in play mode! I was nearly in tears, I was so happy. I’m not saying that this pizzle and trachea combo will work miracles for your senior dog, but I was thrilled!

Who is This Treat For?

The Bully N Beef treat is appropriate for nearly any size dog. It’s a consumable treat, meant to be devoured. Even my little Gadget, with his tiny mouth, could have enjoyed the Bully N Beef, if Flash and Patches would have let him (they didn’t). With a small or toy dog, this pizzle and trachea treat would take a week or more to devour, if chewed in increments. It’s a rugged treat. My Aussie mixes took it out in about half an hour. And in my head, this treat is most appropriate for medium to large dogs who are advanced in years. Any dog would enjoy this treat, though.


The best news of all is that Jones Natural Chews is giving some lucky dog a Bully N Beef treat! For the next week (the giveaway began last week) you’ll have the opportunity to comment and tweet for a chance to win this wonderful treat, and your dog doesn’t even need to be old to enjoy it. Tweeting daily is your best chance at winning. Here is the link to enter, which your dog will thank you for doing. Treat your dog to happiness.

So enter! Enter now! It’ll make your dog smile. Naturally.

Spreading the good chews …


23 thoughts on “Pizzle and Trachea, Bully N Beef

  1. Not yet, but they’re hard on their bodies, so I do everything I can to take care of their joints now, while they’re young.

  2. My Lil’ one doesn’t have joint issues yet, but she is starting to get up there in dog yrs and anything I can do to help avoid joint issues I will do for my Lil Princess

  3. Kouga is 12 and we have him on a quality food and joint supplements so he doesn’t have any issues. We also brush his teeth. He went to the vet today and got a clean bill of health.

  4. My dog has had Arthritis since she was a young pup and had a torn Meniscus that she had operated on when she was pretty young. So she definitely has joint problems and I have had her on supplements for years.

  5. my oldest who is almosst 15 yrs old has joint issues, she is on supplements and arnica for pain. but she still likes to play and run some.

  6. She doesnt have joint issues. We have always taken care to care for her joints with proper exercise, supplements, and keeping her lean!

  7. Yep, Lady Shasta has already had two bouts of joint problems so now she is on supplements but anytime you can couple the yummy taste of Jones treats with glucosamine and chondroitin, you can’t help but come up with a winner.

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