Perfect Treat for Senior Dogs

Perfect Treat for Senior Dogs

Perfect Treat for Senior Dogs

Y’all, I’ve finally pinpointed the perfect treat for senior dogs. Jones Natural Chews Frank n Woofer. Let’s walk through why.

  • The Frank is a soft treat, pliable, easy to tear into small pieces, great for older, weaker jaws
  • The Woofer (bun) is thin and easily snapped into tiny pieces, great for mouths with few teeth
  • Both the Frank and the Woofer are mostly or all meat – easy on a dog’s digestive system
  • The Frank n Woofer is made from all natural ingredients – nothing artificial
  • All ingredients Jones Natural Chews uses are grown in the USA – no fear of something unregulated showing up in your dog’s treats
  • The smell of this meat treat is detectable even by the oldest of dog noses

It’s the perfect treat for senior dogs. Let’s ask Cindy, Buster’s partner in crime. Cindy is a very senior Maltese.

Cindy the Maltese and the perfect treat for senior dogs - Frank n Woofer from Jones Natural Chews
Cindy the senior Maltese agrees that the Frank n Woofer from Jones Natural Chews is the perfect treat for senior dogs

Why Won’t My Senior Dog Eat Treats?

Maybe this is just me, but when I meet new dogs and give them Jones Natural Chews, I’ve noticed a trend. See Cindy up there ignoring the little bit of Frank I’m handing her? A lot of senior dogs of my acquaintance do this. However, it doesn’t mean that they won’t like or want the treat. What typically happens is that I’ll set the treat on the ground between their front paws and they’ll wait until I walk away to eat it. Shoot, even my own senior dogs do this now, and they’ve always been treat pigs. I don’t know why they do it, but they do. Thirty seconds after taking this photo, Cindy snuck off with a bit of the Woofer bun.

It’s not that senior dogs won’t eat treats, but maybe they’re older and wiser and more cautious with strangers? Eventually (as in, a minute or less), the senior dog will take the treat once my back is turned.

Senior Maltese begging face, asking for another Jones Natural Chew
This face is taunting me. Cindy the senior Maltese has discovered the perfect treat for senior dogs, but won’t let me see her eat it. Brat.

Maybe they’re just tired of the pawparazzi.

What’s in a Frank n Woofer?

I didn’t really break down the ingredients in yesterday’s giveaway, so let’s do that now. It’s a straight forward treat, the perfect treat for senior dogs.

  • Beef – this is the Woofer bun – just beef
  • Chicken
  • Rye flour
  • Glycerin
  • Brown sugar
  • Salt
  • Liquid smoke flavoring
  • Natural mixed tocopherols (preservative)
  • Rosemary extract
  • Collagen casing.

These are all natural ingredients. You can probably pronounce every one of them. You may question the brown sugar (I did, initially), but it’s to keep the chicken sausage soft and bendy. Nothing weird and artificial to do that. Just a little brown sugar. That soft and bendy part is what makes this the ideal treat for a senior dog with fewer teeth, weaker jaws, and sensitive gums.

Cindy asks for more Jones Natural Chews
Sneaky Cindy ate the Frank n Woofer bit while my back was turned, so all I got was this tongue out photo and begging eyes.


Lucky for you, if you’re looking for the perfect treat for your senior dog, Jones Natural Chews is giving one lucky dog its very own Frank n Woofers. Entering is as easy as pie. Simply click this sentence, leave a comment in the new post which will open, click the contest box and click I Commented! Easy, huh? You’ve got this. While you’re there, if you’re serious about winning (your dog wants this), tweet about the giveaway. That racks up points pretty quickly.

Now go love on your senior dog. There’s something special about that sugar face, eh?

Spreading the good chews …


7 thoughts on “Perfect Treat for Senior Dogs

    • I make it into a whole bunch of treats. The frank slips right out of the bun, so I break both frank and woofer into little pieces.

  1. A softer treat for seniors is a good idea. My senior girl Phoebe just recently snubbed her nose at a dental chew she always loved! I was shocked. I think it may be because it was so hard. Flea, it was great seeing you at the BlogPaws conference!
    Love & biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

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