We Found a Hoof! An ABC Hoof.

Beagle with a JNC Hoof, long lasting dog chews

We Found a Hoof! We try really hard NOT to find hooves, actually. Our Patches squirrels them away wherever she can hide a Hoof. My dogs aren’t chewers, but Patches LOVES a Hoof. And we found a Hoof. I’ve thrown a couple of hooves away over time, as has my Hunny, so I don’t know … Read more

May the Fourth Be With You

May the Fourth be with you

May the Fourth Be With You May the Fourth be with you. And also with you. We’re big Star Wars fans here. Well, Hunny is. I tag along. And across my nearly five years of blogging for Jones Natural Chews, Star Wars images have shown up here with some irregularity. So naturally I’m taking advantage … Read more

Treat Often. Treat Always.

Treat often. Treat always.

Treat Often. Treat Always. It’s part of a quote from Hippocrates: Cure sometimes, treat often, comfort always. – Hippocrates My dogs would have you believe that Hippocrates got it backwards. Cure sometimes, comfort often, treat always. Or is that treats often cure so give them always? I don’t quite know. But I do know that … Read more

Bark Burgers Giveaway

Dogs love Bark Burgers from Jones Natural Chews, our latest treat!

Bark Burgers Giveaway Oh my dog – you are going to LOVE our last new treat from Jones Natural Chews! Y’all, I did save the best for last. They’re Bark Burgers!!! Like our Woofers, ONLY BETTER. Okay, I’m not gonna lie – the Woofers are single ingredient treats, which makes them pretty much the best … Read more

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