Dog Dental Health – Bones

Jones Natural Chews - Dogs know the difference

Dog Dental Health – Bones We’re tackling the big one today – dog dental health and bones. There are several schools of thought concerning dog dental health. One, the school of thought I follow, is all for bones and sturdy meat chews for a dog’s gum and tooth health. We’ll talk more about that in … Read more

Service Dog Funnies, FBM 227

Standard poodle service dogs - service dog funnies

Service DogĀ Funnies Happy Funny Bone Monday! Before we fall into our cute animal videos for the week, service dog funnies, I’d like to observe a moment of silence for a good friend who crossed over the Rainbow Bridge at the end of last week. This Standard Poodle girl was the sweetest, smartest dog you’d ever … Read more

How To Get a Sponsor

How do you get a sponsor for a conference?

How To Get a Sponsor Today’s post, How To Get a Sponsor, is gently recycled. Jones Natural Chews is sending me to learn and network at BlogHer, a blogging conference for women, in a couple of weeks. Yesterday we talked about back to back conferences. They’re expensive, between tickets, hotel, travel and food, and it … Read more

Back to Back Conferences

Kona dog and the Blog Paws duckling - Back to back conferences

Back to Back Conferences I’m asking advice today. I have back to back conferences this summer and am feeling a tad overwhelmed. It seemed like a good idea at the time. Here’s the story … Battling Cancer Sucks Last year, January, as many of you know (BECAUSE I WROTE ABOUT IT ALL THE TIME), I … Read more

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