Livestock Guardian Puppies

Livestock Guardian Puppies Did I promise y’all a story about my Livestock Guardian puppies? Y’all, meet Belle and Shipley. Their dad is a Great Pyrenees, a working dog in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, and their mom is a Pyrenees mix, on the same farm. The Livestock Guardian puppies were raised to twelve weeks with goats, pigs … Read more

Dogs of Jones Natural Chews, Melissa

A boy and his dog - best friends - dogs of Jones Natural Chews

Dogs of Jones We have a new occasional feature for Wednesdays called The Dogs of Jones Natural Chews, for lack of a better title (feel free to brainstorm titles in the comments). Wednesday has traditionally been dog breeds, but I’m running out of local breeds to photograph. Rather, breeds I haven’t already featured. And the … Read more

Stuffed Windees Giveaway

Stuffed Windees Stuffed Windees are the treat you never knew your dog couldn’t live without. Seriously. I’ve been begging Jones Natural Chews to make this for YEARS. Jodi Chick, over at Kol’s Notes, has been stuffing her own Windees for her dogs for a long time, as have I, but the results are messier. These … Read more

Chihuahua – To Have, or Not to Have?

Um, did you say Jones? A Chihuahua pack loves Jones Natural Chews.

Chihuahua – To Have or Not To Have? I’m going there. I’m going to talk about the Chihuahua today. Is the Chihuahua the right dog for you? For your family? I have had a lot of misconceptions about this wee dog. Let’s work through some of them today, shall we? For starters, here’s what the … Read more

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