Have You Entered the Goofy Dog Contest?

Tater Bottoms

Well? Have you entered the Goofy Dog Contest? We have a handful of entries – some really fun photos of goofy dogs – but the deadline is Wednesday. Get crackin’! A quick review of the guidelines for entry: You can email your goofy dog photo to flea at jonesnaturalchews dot com, as well as leave … Read moreHave You Entered the Goofy Dog Contest?

The Downside to Dog Blogging

See? A normal family

The downside to dog blogging – is there a downside to dog blogging ? Of course there is! The downside to dog blogging is that I want another dog or three! I see them on all the other dog blogs and I WANT them. *sigh* We’re a small, average family. We consist of one mom, … Read moreThe Downside to Dog Blogging

Goofy Dog Syndrome, the Contest

Poor Goofy Dog

Do you have a goofy dog? Do you know a goofy dog? Then you know how serious Goofy Dog Syndrome (GDS) can be. It’s not something to laugh at, people. It’s something to have a contest for. When I first suspected that my dog had GDS, it nearly broke my heart. We’d go out in … Read moreGoofy Dog Syndrome, the Contest

Monday Mischief, The Duck Tale

He's a charmer

I know, I know – Monday Mischief is all about dogs and the trouble they get into. But Flash and Patches, at half past ten years old, just don’t get into much mischief anymore. Unless you count eating duck and chicken poo in the back yard. Or eating the first duckling Roger Ann hatched (I … Read moreMonday Mischief, The Duck Tale

Why Choose Jones Natural Chews?

Australian Shepherd

One of my questions, going into this whole dog treat blogging thing, was, “What makes Jones Natural Chews special? Different? Why would anyone choose their product over the gazillion others on the market?” Evidently this is a question JNC fields frequently. Let me tell you a story. A story about a woman and her dog. … Read moreWhy Choose Jones Natural Chews?

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