Monday Mischief, Jimmy Style

Chicken in bow tie pasta - NOT

Monday Mischief, Jimmy Style, huh? I can hear you asking yourself, “Who is Jimmy and why should I care about his style? What does this have to do with Monday Mischief, anyway?!” Y’all don’t know the half of Jimmy and his style. A couple of months ago a friend suggested I make a bow tie … Read moreMonday Mischief, Jimmy Style

And the Winner Is …

French Bulldog

The Goofy Dog Contest got off to a great start, but hit a snag when the server went wonky. My apologies! But we had three entries for goofiest dog, and all three qualify for Monday mischief, I think. First, Roxy the Traveling Dog‘s sister, Torrey, put in a goofy appearance: Isn’t Torrey a doll baby? … Read moreAnd the Winner Is …

Contest Deadline Moved to Friday, Noon

  Having trouble with the server the last couple of days. Because we’vebeen on and off line several times, including quite a few hours of our contest deadline, I’m extending the deadline to Friday at noon. I’ll be posting your photos and links on Mnday for Monday Mischief! Ive been taking advantage of the down … Read moreContest Deadline Moved to Friday, Noon

Contest Deadline is Tonight!


Is it Wednesday already? The contest deadline is tonight! The Goofy Dog contest, for being our very first contest, has garnered a little interest and a handful of entries so far! I’m hoping that more of you can enter before midnight tonight! If you’re having trouble commenting (I’m working on that – keep trying!), then … Read moreContest Deadline is Tonight!

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