Thank God It’s Friday, and Contest Winner

So Patient

TGIF! Can we all say thank God it’s Friday?! I have a big batch of catch up for today. I love you guys and am enjoying getting to know dog bloggers. I thought I’d return the favor with a glimpse of my week, dogs and otherwise. Here’s a part of my story. My oldest child, … Read moreThank God It’s Friday, and Contest Winner

The Australian Shepherd – My First Love

Tuckered Out

I can’t help it, y’all. The Australian shepherd is a remarkable dog. I’m in love. Over the moon. Head over heels. Who wouldn’t be? Look at this face: This is Bella, as some of y’all know. I have a good friend who fosters a special needs child and I’m the designated babysitter, since I went … Read moreThe Australian Shepherd – My First Love

FunnyBone Monday 1

Petey loves the moccasins

I’ve been giving Mondays a lot of thought. I think we’ll call them FunnyBone Mondays. Everyone needs a laugh or a smile on Mondays. Dogs chew on bones. I’m hoping to tickle your funny bone. So. We’ll go with FunnyBone Monday. Yes? This is the shopping season, am I correct? So many of us scurrying … Read moreFunnyBone Monday 1

Cute Dog and Kid Videos

Mustaches all around

Y’all, we certainly do have some cute dog and kid videos today. This first one is SO dog. What a tenacious hound! At least he retrieves lost gloves, eh? What kind of dog is he? He reminds me a little of Blueberry. This next? The baby’s laugh makes me nearly wet myself laughing. Though I … Read moreCute Dog and Kid Videos

Treats Aren’t Just For Dogs

Mary Ann and Ginger are contained

Don’t believe that treats aren’t just for dogs? Pay attention. Our chickens, Mary Ann and Ginger, are greedy pigs. They love anything you bring outside. If they see you carrying something, the girls will fly onto your shoulder. Or lap. If they hear a crinkling noise, they’ll jump in your lap. One of the few … Read moreTreats Aren’t Just For Dogs

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