Volunteering with Rescue Dogs, An Update

Outdoor Duckling

Volunteering with rescue dogs … y’all remember that I was going to take the class this last weekend in order to volunteer at the city shelter? When I said local, turns out that really meant 45 minutes away on the extreme other side of town. Yeah. Here’s what I’ll be doing instead: Isn’t the pup … Read more

Hawk Deterrent for the Flock

Aussie Mix

Wednesday’s tragic events got me thinking much more seriously about a hawk deterrent for the flock. I have two beautiful Australian Shepherd mixes, who more or less live indoors, so they don’t do much to protect my chickens and ducks. I’m reasonably sure that having them, their scent and droppings in the yard, keeps four … Read more

Today’s Post Is Not Super Good

Whatever the weather

Today’s post was going to be super good. It was. So good it would make you both laugh and cry. And want to read more. And never stop reading. Ever. But that didn’t happen. Instead, something very sad happened. I went to lunch with friends today, partly because it’s my birthday (no applause, please), and … Read more

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