Funny Bone Monday 8

A dog and his duck

It’s January. The weather in Tulsa today is late spring. I’m pining for snow, people, not spring! So today’s Funny Bone Monday theme is snow. The white stuff. Our first video features a dog romping in a TON of it. This next pup, poor thing, just wants to play ball. He’s certainly getting a good … Read more

Global Pet Expo, Orlando

Rolling on the Couch

Shelter update – I called the humane society this morning about the volunteer class and they are still behind from the holidays. They’ll be letting people know when the next class is scheduled. *sigh* So I wait. And hope that they don’t stretch this out until late February and schedule it while I’m out of … Read more

Dogs Love Center Bones!

Tasha begs for a Bandit's Bone

I have real live proof that dogs love center bones! Suzy, at Jones Natural Chews, sent me a box of bones (I love getting bones in the mail), and a friend volunteered her three dogs to product test the center bones! Patty was my dorm RA my sophomore year of college, 27 years ago. That … Read more

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