Funny Bone Monday 12

Funny Bone Monday is a snowy place today

Happy Funny Bone Monday! Y’all I post fun dog videos every Monday. Subscribe now by email  if this makes you happy and you want a smile in your inbox every Monday! Today’s Funny Bone Monday is a nod to last night’s Oscars. I’ll leave it to you to decide the winners, since that’s not a … Read moreFunny Bone Monday 12

Meeting Dog Bloggers

Terrier Torrent

I lied. I’m not going to talk about Jones’ newest products today. I thought long and hard and decided to save it for Tuesday. Yes? Today I tell you about the dog bloggers I’ve met here today, at the Global Pet Expo! Beth is Gizmo’s mama. Gizmo couldn’t have a nicer mama, or be a … Read moreMeeting Dog Bloggers

Global Pet Expo, Orlando


I’m here! I’m really here! The Global Pet Expo in Orlando! So last night I arrived here: And attended a swanky soiree: Yeah, dogs were attending the party. A big dog party. Big dogs and little dogs. Black dogs and white dogs. All at the dog party. Stacy Mantle, of Pets Weekly, lives in Arizona. … Read moreGlobal Pet Expo, Orlando

Two Dogs Plus Two Bones = Jealousy

Sad dog

You would think that two dogs and two bones would equal two happy dogs. But nooooo – two dogs plus two bones = jealousy. Does this happen to you? One of the perks of being the Jones Natural Chews blogger is the treats. Mmm! Every month I get a box of dog chews in the … Read moreTwo Dogs Plus Two Bones = Jealousy

Funny Bone Monday 11

Happy Funny Bone Monday! I’ll be traveling in a couple of days, so I thought flying dogs would be an appropriate topic for today’s Funny Bone Monday, yes? And right now I need to be able to smile at flying. So far, without having left home yet, the experience with the airlines has been shaky … Read moreFunny Bone Monday 11

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